Jack Johnson - Please Me Like You Want To
Overige artiesten: Ben Harper

Don't do me any favors.
Matter of fact, why don't you do yourself a few?
Your presence, it ain't nobody's blessing.
I've got plenty of other things that I could do.

Oh, oh, not another excuse.
Your tired, silly games for me are just no use.
And now it's plain for me to see:
You're with somebody that you don't want to be.

(chorus:) So won't you: please please me like you want to
Not not like you have to
Oh won't you just go on and leave me
You know leaving me is the least that you could do (x2)

You could have spared me so much misery.
And told me you just wanted a friend.
Cuz believe me, there is a difference
When you mean it and when you pretend.

Oh, was I just your habit?
Cuz I know a habit is a hard thing to break.
But won't you spare me a little mercy?
There's only so much that I can take.


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