Ka - Unto the dust

(And the meaning of Cain is possession)

I was saying the other day like
I don't know none of my people's just dying
From natural causes, you know
Just passing away, you know I'm saying?
I'm saying none, none of my people ever
Liked passed away, you know what I'm saying?

Had to man up, another man down
Achilles, we stand fast, never stand down
My tool's fire move quiet, but the plan sound
Born headfirst in that damned land, I wand that damn crown
The boys in blue clothes got new holds, new submissions
I give the grey youth straight truth, no euphemisms
Y'all played the dozens, my favorite cousins spent they youth in prisons
They names known, came home, now the house got two religions
Peace be with you, wa alaikum salaam
Make sure that piece be with you, laced in your palm
No one here's linear, danger 'round every bend
On a path for power, when half a dollar was hated by many men

Street live, we die, we don't pass away
Take any task if you got cash to pay
On this earth, brave known to earth
Birth to gravestone to urn

Descended from baddest slaves, barricades only aggravate us
Friends and foe dying, no lying, grew up fighting gladiators
Whoever left son soakin', it's unspoken, you gotta see 'em
We don't do rest 'til death, rules of the coliseum
For those concerned, I learned from jailbirds
Not from no failed curbs, over here the crack sales surged
Our engine bingin' for years, black males purged
Want progress, now digest bullets, inhale words
On this earth, brave known to earn (gravestone to urn)
Before semis air, shot plenty fairs before I shot a gun
My heroes talk, take zero shots, of course I'm not the one
Mommy preached peace, but in grief, I'm my papa's son
Marshal the land that's never ran, man, even when the coppers come
(Even when the coppers come, never stay around when the coppers come)
The problem is we at the bottom, that's where all the tops is slung
Hate the pull, but in beef, take no bull, only ox is brung
They blessed me with 20 FD, pray I don't have a toxic lung
I'm from the seventies, mentally it had us boxin' young
I don't leverage hate, I educate, you better ask around
I'm taskin' babes passin' grades, what you passin' down?

Street live, we die, don't pass away
Take any task if you got cash to pay
On this earth, brave known to earth
Birth to gravestone to urn, urn

On this earth, brave known to earth, yeah
On this earth, brave known to earth
Gravestone to urn, urn

Writers: Kaseem Ryan


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