Drug church - Bliss out

Hand to your forehead, sign you feel stress
Something in your gut tells you "This is it"
Phone is dead so there's no ambulance

(I guess, I'll see ya)

Palm reader warns me, "More of this shit"
Is it forever though? "Man, you know it is"
Can't be left alone? "Sorry, not a chance"
Unmarked grave, mom didn't wanna spend
Who can blame her? Best to just forget
She can start again, with a new kid
First time went bad, time to start again

(Oh man, what a loss)
(Catch you at the vigil)
(I got my candle ready)
(Celebrate a life or somethin')

With so many reasons to hate me, why lie?
Why lie?
Why lie?
Why lie?
Why lie?

Writers: Chris Villeneuve , Cory Galusha , Nick Cogan , Patrick Kindlon , Patrick Wynne

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