Kota the friend - Forks

To my old friends I just wanna say
I hope you gettin' everything you wanted and you doin' great
I pray you got a lot of whatever is gettin' you through the day
Someone in your life is there to guide you when you lose your way

And then you pick it up
Right where you left off
I heard you doin' better than you was when we fell off
And that's the shit I love, that's the shit I love
'Cause it make me feel the hope when my situation rough and

You should know I'm rootin' for you somewhere in the nosebleeds
Time flies, it'll creep up on you like a slow leap
Before you know it we gon' be old heads
Laughin' at our grandkids walkin' all bow-legged

I hope you ain't bitter, I hope you smile big
I hope you find love and that love make you rich
I hope you find peace of mind
We don't really need goodbyes
Was what it was and it is what it is, yeah

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