Kota the friend - She

She had a trench coat
Some mad threes with a hot cup of tea
And a faded magazine
With some light blue jeans, real a crown like a queen
And a Mac Air but it ain't the one she had last year

Wednesday one o'clock, she don't really got a job
She do her own thing, she ride her own wave
Only twenty people on the 'Gram that she followin'
Only post work, she ain't tryna be a model chick

Same three friends be the one she poppin' bottles with
Got trust issues so she keep a lot bottled in
She don't do religion, not a Catholic or Protestant
We believe in white wine, feet up on the ottoman

Gotta little purse that she only keep the ganja in
Low-key, got her own business and she mindin' it
Ex niggas always in her phone, she like, "Not again"
If she get your number you be lucky if she lock it in

She from the hood but she ain't hood
She hella grounded but the plane trips and BnB stay booked
Told me I should read the Four Agreements, it's a great book
Cracked a little smile and she threw me back the same look, yeah

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