Dreamville - Revenge

Ayy (ooh-ah)
Ooh-ah, ooh-ah, ooh-ah (ooh-ah)
Ooh-ah, ahh (ooh-ah)
Hell yeah, ay ay
Hell yeah, hey

Who gon' find the lost souls?
In the land of shape-shifters and trolls
How did I get here?
My magic carpet unraveled (woo)
You scroll through all the channels
With your fraudulent financials
Blame your mama 'cause you started with her standards
We gon' pray on that (oh Lord)
Always had my flow, I used to lay on that
You can say it face to face, facts
You no longer need it, make your way on back
You can't escape what you attract
Or what you say on wax (like-like-like)
Please don't overthink on that (like-like-like)

Who gon' find that lost boy?
High class 'til she fall for him
Them whispers get lost and breezes
God done whisper, man he call for me
Cvs hiring and when you drop your application
Get some Halls for me, coughin' hard
But ain't no need to get that coffin for me
Ain't nothin' serious, just it's cold
And all the niggas on new levels
Got through locks so I'm past the codes, outchea though
Queen City but no bitch on my roads
I'ma own that bitch though
Can't front on my bill folds, sittin' on gold

Ay (ooh-ahh)
Ooh-ooh-woah, ooh-ah

I used to look, down on myself
Like, what am I missin'?
Now I, go to the bank
Now they, talk to me different
Can you split that in twenties
Hunnids, a couple fifties? I
Used to get curved, now bitches DM they titties
Old friends turn to foes
Can't bring fuck niggas with me like
Fuck it I'm ready to go, niggas be actin' like hoes
Bitches be tryna get chose, that's just the way that shit go
You can't complain if you broke
Get you some money and clothes
I got some money with goals
I know I ain't perfect, barely worth it
Been an asshole lately but not on purpose, shit be on my mind
I look around like, "Damn, ain't nobody on my side"
But never question if I'm down to ride

Tripped the hurdle but the ground I walk is fertile
Give you classic quotes just for kicks like Virgil
Look who in my circle
The ones that knew me when the nights was hurtful
Wins, I got a ton like Churchill
But what about the losses overcome
I wasn't Oprah's son
'Round my way they holdin' guns
I'm more like Roberson, I'm not a shooter
All I did was show love, like the Kamasutra
I was tryna find what's truer
I could've looked inside the mirror
Tryna climb out my dilemmas
In the land of splendor, glamour, and some damaged women
Strappin' up, strappin' up, can't do no gamblin' with 'em
Shootin' high percentage, I been changin' my agenda
Finally came up out my shell
I ain't have no Master Splinter
Became the Top Chef, this another classic dinner
I fell down, came back, now that's a natural winner
Never could I pretend nor ever would I surrender, yeah

Ay (ooh-ahh)
Ooh-ooh-woah, ooh-ah
(Ooh-ah) Ooh, uh
Ahh (ooh-ah)
Hell yeah (yeah yeah), ooh-ooh

I been speakin' for the misguided sons
And the dead fathers
As I walk through the shadow of death
Where we tread waters
Paint pictures of the stories forgotten
Them dead authors
His blood gettin' mixed with that paint
So we dead artists
He told me, "Nigga, you better slide"
You ain't said nada
Them niggas took my nigga, so fuck it
This lead karma
Struggle to pull the trigger
As I did the tears fallin'
'Cause I know I let my mama down
She done raised all us

She gave up everything she had to keep our road straight
We ain't even have no room to have our own space
Look I gave everything I have to make my own way
And in three seconds I made a decision to let this clip off
This ain't even related, just some shit I had to get off
Repetition how we make decisions
'Cause my brother doin' life
And the judge done told him he would never get off
The struggle like hand me downs, nigga one size fits all
Woke up sweatin', panic with deep and breathin'
Goin' through deep depression
Wonderin' why I chose to live
And the way with my freedom indecisive, it's on the fence
When I been blessed with rappin', no wonder they call it gifts
Got up from that bed, picked up the phone like, "What I missed?"
Got a call from some Dreamers, said that they was out for revenge
Excited then I thought about it, and started crying
'Cause a year ago my cousin was killed searchin' for his, yeah, yeah

Writers: LUTHER NICHOLSON , Robert Gill , RONALD EUGENE GILMORE , MARKUS ALANDRUS RANDLE , Eian Undrai Parker , Olu O. Fann , Damon Coleman , Ari Lennox , Kalon Berry , Carlos Alfonso Mejia Vizcarra

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