Dreamville - Disgusted

(Louie Ji the Wizard) Hush, ay
Yeah (shout out to Meez 'cause he noticed me, nigga)
Yeah yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm disgusted (yeah)
She said she in love
But it's nothing we discussed yet (nope)
Says she love my hair
And that shit growing so luscious
And she wanna fuck but I know she fucked my cousin (uh)
Every time I think about you I say you disgusting

I'm disgusted
She said she in love
And that wasn't the discussion
Told you from the jump
Intentions was all disgusting (come one)
I can't put my heart here
But my dick, you know I'm hustling
Should've took it slow from the beginning
But you rushed it
Acting like you get it and you with it
But you crushing
Whole time I was hitting, claiming lusty
But you loving
Now your ass alright, I seen a text
An't even touch it
Feeling denied, you just a liar, I'm disgusted

I'm disgusted
Thought that I would drown underwater
But my lungs is (nah)
Made out of that gills, I prevail
In the jungle (stupid)
I an't Uncle Phil
But my will keep me comfortable
Searching for my deal
You would feel I'm accustomed to
Fake niggas and fake bitches
Who move to LA to suck dick and take pictures
With the same niggas that hate but hang with us
Girl you get gang banged
You don't hang with gang members

I'm disgusted
Straight here, violated by a later bitch
You Buster (woo-ha)
Confusing emotions
With the fact I'm good at touching
Now you digging deeper for something realer
Than just fucking
Claim I was hiding feelings
Yes I will, but I wasn't
Explaining you still hear me
You chill, but it doesn't
Alicia keying cars (I keep on falling)
'Cause she falling, bitch, you clumsy
I'm just serving crack from house to house
I'm out here plumbing (yeah)
She swear she the real, but no deal (yeah)

I'm disgusted
She using her pussy for revenge
I'm disgusted
At least I shed that tear in a Benz
Nigga fuck it
Man and I got one too
But that's not what we discussing
I never been a fool
You been knew I an't trusting
Made peace wit it
There an't a part of me that's fussing
Man, nigga, if you was
I mind my business, I an't judging (right)
But, bruh, don't waste your time
With hoes need attitude adjusting
And never will I argue with a fool
That shit disgusting

Man, I ain't finna sit here and argue wit yo ass
You know how this shit started
Talking 'bout you cool (look)
You know, you know how it go, you on the same shit

These groupie hoes (you on the same shit?)
Put a bad taste in my mouth (you think you on yo nigga shit?)
Lying hoes (tryna act like you on yo nigga shit)
Put a bad taste in my mouth (but you ain't really on yo nigga shit)
Attention whores put a bad taste in my mouth
(You out here tryna cuff)
Bum bitches put a bad taste in my mouth (and I ain't wit it)

Groupie hoes put a bad taste in my mouth (I'm disgusted)
Lying hoes put a bad taste in my mouth
Attention whores (out here lying to yourself)
Put a bad taste in my mouth (stop lying to yourself)
Bum bitches put a bad taste in my mouth
(You's a liar)

Writers: Markus Randle , Cody Osagie

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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