Dreamville - Passcode

Mmh, mh (ooh)

You know I love you, baby (yeah)
But I just don't trust you (no, no, no)
Before I fuck you, baby (ooh)
There's one thing that I must do
'Cause I know how you get down
Once we're finished and I'm fast asleep
Ooh, ooh
You gon' go through my phone (mmh, mmh, mmh)
(I wanna know baby)
If that shit ever happens to me (ooh, oh, Lord)
I don't know what I'd do
My head might spin around (oh, no)

Ooh, damn, that's cold
Through my phone, you write back too long
Left my print on you, I'm changin' my passcode
Yup, yup, yup, my passcode
Yup, yup, yup, my passcode
Yup, yup, yup, my passcode

You knew my passcode in the past
That sure wouldn't last, hell to the nah
Your heartbroke in a cast
Can't heal that too fast, damn, I'm sorry
I said that it would be the last time
But it wouldn't be the last time
You caught me lookin' at some ass
(You knew you was gon' do that shit again, nigga)
(I did the same shit)
Then you got suspicious, didn't you?
I'm just friendly, your friends knew
And they through in the windows
You threw my shit out the windows
Said fuck me and my Nintendo
That's a PlayStation by the way, bitch
But I'ma miss you
Felt that deep in my tissue
You were someone I vent to
All this shit we been through? Really?
Talk is cold, we past cold
Let's communicate, assholes
(Like you communicated your dick in that bitch? Mmh)
Damn, now that's cold

Body too cold to be thinkin' bout you, baby
Your insecurities ain't got shit to do with me (mmh)
My mentality opened like an Atlanta QuikTrip
My love switched the hell up like a Sour Patch Kid
I'm too grown, baby, I'm on
Thinkin' 'bout watchin' a little Goosebumps
Jameson cozy, you being aggy
A nigga just tryna finish season one
Wish I cared enough (ay, yeah)
I got bills to pay, songs to write
And other niggas to fuck (ay)
If I'm doubtin', baby, it must be true
You ain't Charlie, baby, and my name ain't Snoop
I ain't Inspector Gadget in no gray suit
I could give a fuck less what you do, ooh, ooh

Ha, ay, so check this out real quick
Now you know I got dick for you
But more importantly, I got time after "dick for you"
But I want to make sure that time is spent
For surely and not insecurely, you feel me?
So stop going through a nigga phone
Because, ay, I believe in manifestation, right?
And if you think you finna find something in that motherfucker
Then guess what the fuck you finna find

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