Quando rondo - Real love

(Pooh, you a fool for this one)
(Go Grizz)
Damn man, this shit has changed, my nigga
(Don't matter how hard I try, some things just don't go)

Seem like every time you put your hand out to give somebody something, nigga bite your shit
You know, I ain't been nothing keep it real with them niggas, you heard me?
But shit, that's how shit go
Some niggas want you locked up
Check this out, look

My nigga took the charge for me
For that, he a convicted felon, some steppers, pressin' the crew
Jumped off my grandma porch, ever since I been in the field
The roof is thrilling like I changed since I got this deal
That really hurt me to my heart, Sosa died on this block
I got turned only Young Jefe, he paid him when he got a Glock
I was out searching for real love just like Mary J. Blige
I told a filthiest Crip, "Love, I love you in my heart"
Real love, yeah
I'm searching for a real love
But I guess that I'm blinded
I've been searching for so long, but I just can't seem to find it
I lost lil Quahfee to that heat, Mama Marta to cancer
They sent lil Leeky up that creek, too much shit, I can't handle
He got a picture on Facebook with Dickie fits and camo
Tune cock it back and let it bust 'til it ain't got no ammo
Shoutout to bro, like, he taught me how to put the paper first
It hurt to face the fact my lil' cousin the paperwork
And I'm the one showed you the shit, that's why I wanna slap
All the iron you slung and licks you hit, that shit don't hold no value
Real love, yeah
I'm searching for a real love
They put my dawg in the pavement and you ain't had to take a stand
Boy, you still made a statement
Real love, yeah
I'm searching for a real love
It's too late for all that brother love
I gotta show you, come straight from the gutter love
Young black mind, the chosen one, he took his family out of poverty
What you do when you've been crossed so many times without apology?
I'm mentally stable, but I don't think I'm able mentally
The way I bang the wheelchair, you would think I had a disability
While I was out seekin' for love, I lost myself, it ain't no fair to me
I was writing raps inside my cell, I'm screamin', "Yeah, this not the place to be"
Who's going next? It's maybe me, stressed to my girl like, "Baby, please"
Don't play with us, we play for keeps, all of my niggas slang iron in the streets
Top shotta droppin' a bag, I bet I'll get him deceased
Real rasta put on his mask, I want them niggas six feet deep
Don dadda who stabbed that boy, but still signed to the streets
Big choppas, we let 'em bust 'em every time that it's beef
So, you can take me out the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out me
We just some cold-blooded killers who gon' live in these streets
And we gon' step on all them niggas every time that it's beef
Want them niggas dead and gone this week

Writers: Darryl Clemons , KEVIN ANDRE PRICE , Tyquian Bowman

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group , Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd. , Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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