Dj shadow - Taxin'

Right, right (uh)
Right, right (uh)
Right, right (uh)

If there's a ghetto in Heaven I hope that's leaked address
Whole pockets empty, was mad stressed
The block had to study like math test
Fuck it
Jump out a bucket, I'm thuggin' in public
My life in a rush and nobody can touch it
I climbed out the gutter eating bread and butter

Jealous of my living struggle with my mother
Did it with my brother, grew up with my cousin
Blew up on these niggas, they can't even stomach
I ain't asked for nothing, I ain't asked for nothing
I was out here hustling, nickel to a onion
Onion to a plate, shadow got me zoning
Conversate with omens
Momma told me, "Son you nothing, no diploma"
Cooking in the kitchen, crack was the aroma
Pots full of powder, sit on a napkin
Let it dry, we riding, any block we sliding
Amg fitted, I been so committed, shorty so explicit

Everything I got on, you know it's expensive
Everything I get on, critical condition
Run up on this money, I would always listen
Tryna make it happen
In front of Pooch building
Early in the morning I was waiting on a package (true story)
Global now, getting bookings all across the atlas (everywhere)
I roll up the Gladys
And watch out for badges, my bitch is the baddest
Life is worth much more than a Patek
Always elite, can't do nothing average (can't do nothing average)
He got in a beef, he ain't really know
The gang he was jacking
It was like twenty degrees outside
They took off his jacket (come here)
I seen a lot of my homies change up
When I started rapping (a lot)
I fell out with my plug 'cause he started taxin' me

Writers: JR. , David Brewster , Joshua Paul Davis

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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