Dj shadow - Urgent, important, please read

So there's this thing
It's called the theory of planned behavior
You started to predict an individual's intentions to engage in a behavior
At a specific time and place
I don't know if you've been looking at your phones or looking at your screens, but, um
Careful with your info

You dealing with the new mosquito
Through placebo I clutch doom
Haile Selassie and Nina rolling on mushrooms
It's quick with flu, I trend like Nipsey Blue
I smoke a blunt, in the hurricane to get me through
Examine the fact, I took Thor's hammer from Cap
No silicone in the cone, this is natural rap
Technology killer, I can see the sins of the center stage
Since automation started when they freed the first slaves
My determination was birthed from the birth from the first bet
Kick an opp in his face with a steel-toed Timberland
Floating through a wormhole backwards like what's the symbolism
If this the end-game, directed by John Singleton
We been the best since the best was a fuckin' concept
Will Smith was Aladdin and the last man alive
So fuck it, nigga, the last one's left, what's up

Everyone wants to feel in control!
In the same breath they wanna pay top dollar
To be told what they like, and what they don't
So it seems to me this confusion is a human error
We keep allowing this to grow, the machines are gonna win
I'm-I'm gonna be the first to say it

My niggas forever been poor, competitive for the bread
In the land where the only good president is a dead one
And the only real protection is a handgun
Liquor shots for the dead, homies on that red rum (yeah, yeah, yeah)
And the rich get richer
And we get whatever the rich get sick of
And each year, we diggin' a ditch, get bigger
You eat shit for dinner, your bitch get thicker

Hold this in hell on the floor with a crayon
Ghost in the shell, I perform in a seance
I broke the spell, the thoughts that they prey on
The fuckers can't control a soul full of chaos
American gods, the devil is born
And heaven is torn apart when I settle the score
Develop the form of man that never been more different
A metaphor for killin' never-before witness (uh, uh-huh)

Deleting every record, you know what I mean
Puttin' mind on my money, downloadin', flee the scene, clean (uh)
Keep 'em busy with algorithms, making 'em dizzy (uh)
Put them on game and watch how quickly the pricks will forgive me
They overdid it, with no permission, they started drama
Like it's the dimension where Bif is married to Marty's mama
No disrespect from the disconnection, they out of power
They'll come back to me in their darkest hour
Everywhere I go, people that I know
Tell me how I glow, my soul is a light show
Since I was little, Ryan always said I was right though
Cleaned his gun watching WCW Nitro
The gangsta ain't tested so they figure they try more
Paint theyselves in the corner then they wind up at my door
Like "What up, dawg?"
"How you feelin', man? What you workin' on?"
The homies want the green light, they sayin' "Turn it on"
A futurist gotta say it, it's obv'
But in the land of technology, the hacker is God
Everybody charge or church up, get the bag
Hoping your social media buy your aunt's the bread, yeah
Type or hype, got nihilists getting scared, yeah
Better life, you fightin' but unaware, yeah
Whoever new revelation is really a revelation
Forget the babies waking up off of the plantation

So there you have it
A few different perspectives to reinforce the notion that you are not going crazy
And you are not being paranoid
And everything that you've been worrying about are the exact things that need to be on your mind
The question is
What do we do about it?
You know?

Writers: Joshua Paul Davis

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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