Icewear vezzo - How i'm coming


I'll come Act' pint (Activis)
I been done came whole choppa cause those niggas don't act right (them nigga's pussy)
I been done came 560 (yeah)
I been done came drop head that other bitch bout 560 (half a million)

I been done came white lows (woo)
I'll fuck around come Waverunners
I been done came V-Lone (that V-Lone)

We blew about three bows ('bout Runtz)
They sick I came home up
With more chicken than Leon's (up nigga)

I been done came flower set (yeah)
I been done came bussdown that 41 got flower set

Might fuck around come prone set (for real)
I been done came gold-Dweller
I'll fuck around come Rose next (bitch)

I been done came dog shit (yeah)
I up roll that's 50 on me, they sick I came all slips (I got all slips)
Nigga I done came a long way (for real)
They sick I keep bouncing back
Might fuck around come all hits (I got all hits)

I done came big loc (Drank God)
Got blood niggas I ball wit long live soda and RIP loc (RIP Loc)
That bag dropping ten fold (yeah)
I'll fuck around come home and I show you how to whip dope (woo)

You know I'm coming heavy check (bitch)
You know them boys running late cause them niggas ain't ready yet
(Them niggas ain't ready yet)
Spent eighty on this prezi set (dancing)
Spent eighty for this Audemar, got drank you know we came wit' TEC (hi-tech)

I been done came purple jeans (yeah)
I been done left the tag on em
That three hundred was worth the cheese (that shit light)
I been done came (Iced Up Records) (big Ice)
I'm sick I came C.E.o, I been done came Off-White jacket (uh, bitch)

I come Rolls truck (Rolls)
Foenem, know I'm havin', they like, "What the fuck the hold up?"
Know I came Lamb' truck (Lamb)
Could of came too, but my nigga Oowap jammed up (Oowap)
Came straight-A, Range truck (uh)
None of them bitches in my name though 'cause I wasn't even famous
Me and Masey came Porsche truck (for real)
That's when they dropped the Hellcat shit, we was switching both of them
Then they hit him with a note bond
Had a 60 and a 20 bond them bonded out for both of 'em
Then I just spill back from havin' fun
Fuck around and hear, "Yo, son" then go deal with another run

I be coming crazy (crazy)
Made my first million then I started comin' lazy
Now I'm comin' like I'm Jay-Z back in '03
I just put another a hundred up I could of bought another AP
Fucked a hundred off with Elliot (I did)
But you already know that, I don't even know why I'm tellin' ya
Fucked like 60 off with treads though (I did)
And I spent a dub with Icebox just did that for the hell of it
My other peep, he a G, the feds had did it (808)
First chain was the 150 but why not, I'm the president (you know that CEO)
And I bought a Sky-dweller before that
Been fuckin' off the racks I bought a Breitling before a Rolex
I come in full effects, I come through and flex
I come up with the rest, I come right at yo' neck
I ain't never call for sex, I come though with a text
Gas strikes like a referee bitch, I come through with a TEC
How I'm coming from the hood?
Why don't you come through and check?
Killers come to me with respect
I come through with a connect
I ain't coming off the pussy
Gotta come for me with the neck
She hate how I come in her but every time I speak I'm correct

I don't talk to the Police, I don't speak to a rat
I don't pillow talk, I don't tweak on the net
If it's real beef I got demons for that
Lawyers retained, there's a reason for that

I been and came thirty mil' (thrirty mil')
G Herbo really no limit I been and came personal
Right now I'm coming Yacht Master
They plotting on the house I been and came out with my Glock blaster

Writers: Herbert Wright , Chivez Smith

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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