Barclay james harvest - Festival!

It's endless summer once again and everything is fine
Save for a small concern about the rising water line
We've junked our monkey suits
We're heading west and searching for the country life
One evening spent in digging out the tent we used last time
We don't do coke we only smoke what we smoked in our prime
And it was at this show, some years ago
That Janice said she'd be my wife


Just sitting here there's nothing different from those student days
Except the house, the car, the kids, the golf, the job that pays
And life has done its trick
Our waists are thick but never mind our hair is thin

Although it must be said the food is bad and full of flies
It's great to be back here with Van and Bob and all the guys
A special thanks must go to farmer Jones
Who really owns the shit we're in


We're all stuck in time, like the ticking of a clock

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