Chance the rapper - Our house (skit)

Yeah, girl, I'm still at this damn wedding
I know, I know
Shit, divorces don't even take this long
Hey, slow down
Ooh, hold on, girl, let me call you back
Ahh, they done left the little one
Hey, pretty girl
Did them little bad butt kids leave you behind, baby?"


"Well, that is a very pretty dress you have on
And a very pretty doll
My daughter used to have a doll just like that"

"I used to have dolls at my mommy's house and my daddy's house
Now I only have one house and all my dolls are all together
And when my daddy wakes up with me at my house
And asks what toy I wanna play with
I say, 'All of them'"

Writers: Chancelor J. Bennett , Colleen Mares

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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