Pivot gang - Mathematics

Uh, sit that ass on my face
'Til I look like an orangutan
Fuck them opp niggas
Left me hangin' like a candy cane
Like Einstein in a white jacket (yeah)
More O's than Google searches
That ass flat like the Earth is

Look, mathematics
Might hit a stain like it's 2011
I'm with gang and the '07 thing 0-7
James tryna get a ring and I shoot like I'm Stephen, uh
Bite on her lips but I'm slippin' in
With a plus one like it's arithmetic
Gift it like Christmases and Blitzens
And she gave me head longer than Stewie Griffin's is

Yeah, mathematics
Since a young nigga jumpin' on mattress
We was in the hood with the madness
And now a nigga own it like a patent
Yeah, mathematics
I'ma go and tat it like a tattle
I can take a dollar in the attic
Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally

Ay, mathematics
I was halfway there like the radius
Close like Wyclef and Haiti is
If I'm not coming you can bet my lady is
Mathematics, ghost ride the whip like a hearse
I know you tryna fuck like a curse
R Kelly should'a been in jail, I can merch

Yeah, mathematics
Throw that ass in the circumference
Codeine rubbers in my luggage
And suitcase
Just in case you wanna Kriss Kross and get in jumpin'
She have opps, so a quick pass
Bring your friend, I bring one too
That's a two on two, that's quick math (quick maths)

Uh, mathematics
Fat bastard
I'm from Austin, ay, and have power, ay
Double up, you should all know the way
And my skin on exfoliate
I was tryna focus on growin'
Now my numbers on exponent

Actually, I should try this, um
Might get a check, might cash it
Go ahead, deposit, might add it
Might as well like bad English
Midas touch like gold fingers
Midas touch like old Lincoln
We might slide to the function
She might curve you, you ugly

Uh, mathematics
Name ring a bell, where you live at?
I'm a star like Birdman head-tat
She come alive in the night like a damn bat
I put it all in the pot like a reverent, uh
Mr. Burns, excellent
I'm shinin' on my variables
'Ooh, kill 'em Terio'

Kill 'em like Mysterio
The box too good it's a burial
Came through drippin', I'ma fuck a princess
My real friends call me Ariel
New shit sound like Tha Carter did
Choppin' on the net like Vince Carter did
Drop the top, I had to reverse the whip
Get my man some herb to split and swerve some shit

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