Grm daily - Bring em out

Bring 'em out
All of that money you scream about
All of this drip that you sing about
Talking that shit you must dream about
All of these bricks and all of these sticks
And all of that shit you sing about
Talking that shit, nigga leave it out
We've had enough nigga, bring him out
Bring him out

Uh, said I love this shit
Just the other day it trap more
Nigga I was trappin' out a busted whip
I be comin' with a busted drip, uh
Say the drip so saucy
See they comin' like a mustard dip
Don't slip, don't trip
Guaranteed you get, uh
Caught four and a bit
Put another nine on the four and a bit, now you're bringing back more than a bit
Bush' and Sus' of the trap that's mad, now you're bringing back more than a hit
Got more than your man
'Cause I do more than you think

And we do more than bits
Black roll more than a lick
Anything I touch gets lit
There's still stuff calling clips
And if I bring 'em out bring 'em out, it's gonna cause some shit
Shots all ringin' out, niggas dippin' out better hide your kids
And you better hide your bitch
'Cause you know when we come through, got the gyal that they lined with
Mandem tryna buy them drinks
But they wanna vibe with us
They don't wanna vibe with pricks
All of my niggas take risks
Eighth of the yay' is all diff'

And why do you think these doors just hit
More than a hunnid bands on me
Why you think they on my dick
Got the streets, no one tryna fuck wees
Talkin' 'bout can he come with
Now the shit cops wanna stop me
Tryna say is it a stolen whip
'Cause I was flyin' over hunch in the backroad
I was really with a stolen bitch

No rest, no sleep
No I ain't had more than a wink
You was tryna make more with a dream
But you would of made more in the long run
Pussy boy would have made more if you think
On me, would have made more if you fought
Now you gotta hide from the torch
Can't put the beef on pause
Now they wanna be indoors
All now man are stealing drawers
Come get with me that's poor

No, can't get with me no more
Yeah the mandem upgraded
And we can't let 'em near us no more
No time for the hate shit, I get back to you when I'm off tour
Bank balance lookin' outrageous
They say I might have to get an offshore
You know pots still bubblin' base
I get cash, even when I'm offshore
Man the K still covering bases
Get plaques in and out of that wall
And these kids still run up and bake shit
And let clap nigga, round of applause

Ever since man can't, mad shit been happenin'
Took a groupie off tour, 'less you OT with captain
You know what's mad? You know what's uh? You know what's the mad ting?
Couple niggas tryna act like, niggas tryna act like they ain't never ban a fat ting
I done map, I put the laps in
She bend her back, I done her back
You see the way them man are acting?
If I back it out then it's a mad ting
Make me back it out I do the mad ting
Control your don before I crash him
Guaranteed he'll get the ah

Bring 'em out, bring 'em out
Bring 'em out, bring 'em out
Bring 'em out, bring 'em out


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