Papoose - Numerical slaughter

You heard the legendary "Alphabetical Slaughter"
My man Papoose is back to make history again
Check it, I'ma scream out the numbers and he gonna break 'em down from one to nine
This is numercial slaughter
Yo Pap, let's go

To keep it one hundred, all I need is one mic
You only live once, God gave you one life
I caught one felony, committed one crime
I was on 1st Street, duckin' from the one-time
It's only one light, one king, one sun
One lead, love's gonna get you KRS-One'd
I had to run from two cops, for two blocks, it's too hot
Hand on my twenty-two, listening to 2Pac
I'm now a two-time felon, two thorough, two llamas
Had to quit my ex girl 'cause she was a two-timer
Two in your lower body, two in your upper
One time a lollipop, two time's a sucker
Bust three checks, they gon' clear in three days
You was talkin' bout me, you ain't know they let me listen on a three-way
He had a three-pound when he caught his third strike
He a three time loser, they gave him a three to life
Forty-four magnum, forty caliber handgun
Sippin' a forty ounce of beer, hang where you can't come
Twin forty cal's on my waist, I'm a thug
I got two forties on me like the forty-forty club
Five boroughs of death, you don't understand
Don't give me a five if you ain't my man
They taking shots at Remy Makaveli, I'm like, "Wow"
Five shots couldn't drop her, she took it and smiled
A couple of my homeboys rep that five
They throw it up, give you five on a black hand side
If my fam got a problem, I'ma ride, I'll be there like
Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, the Jackson 5
We could build on a 6 God
Six stands for equality, that's if you swift, God
Head cracked you at the dice game, I rolled a six, y'all
Fuck a 16, I could kill you in six bars
You sold your soul to the Devil so it's hard to compete
You reppin' 6-6-6, that's the mark of the beast
They say seven's a lucky a number
But we been sufferin' seven winters and six summers
In a sprinter with seven shooters, the seven seater
Niggas is snitchin', they be singin' like Sevyn Streeter
Caught him slippin' at the 7-11 and did him dirty
Try to play me, I'm crazy, baby, 7-30
Last night I ate on the block, made eight licks
Last customer who got on my nerves got eighty-six
Cross me, get your food ate, crow Papoose
Messin' with me'll get you ate, like four times two
Travel with the nine on my side since nine-nine
Wide-eyed, these pussy cats got nine lives
The greatest rapper died on March 9th, son
I got 99 problems, and a bitch ain't one
If the G don't get you, the nine will, I'm the king
Nines all over my shirt, Gino Green

Yo, that was crazy, Pap, from one to nine
Now go from ten to twenty, let's go!

I was a tenant in them tenements
Had hustling tendencies
Hold up!
Ten niggas doubt me like Memphis, that's somethin' Tennessee
(Hold up, hold up, wait a minute)
Ten AM to Ten PM, ten toes down
Hold up, Pap
Yo, Pap, Pap, Pap!
We gon' save that for your next album
Papoose comin' soon (Comin' soon)

Writers: Christopher Edward Martin , Shamele Mackie

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