Chester watson - Time moves slower here

Yeah, yo
I think time ticks slower when you watch it
But I'm probably at the concert somewhere
Lost inside a mosh pit
People rarely value time before they've lost it
So I'm hella' careful of where I vibe and where I'm caught
If I'm caught, fuck it
Probably smoking spliff outside their offices
I'm usually chill but sometimes I'm hitting rock bottom
Mentally I'm in the field
Probably filling my pockets with daffodils
But the clouds above look like Autumn's right around
With a packet of pills, some white garments
Pharmacists, they call him the doctor
He's quite ominous but sharp with it
Dark witted, post apocalyptic armor
I got to talk with him and the consensus is
It's seems time ticks slower when you watch it
People got hairline fractures on their conscience
Then they try to patch it up with bondage or bandages
So is God the one responsible for the damages?
I can't think
Just know that time moves slower on the brink
Of success
Of regret
Of extinction
I'm just tryna' stay as timeless as a dream is
You know what I mean, it's all inside of the deets
Red box logo on the truck, says Supreme
And them three letters: I.O.U. on the D
And sometimes life's a world record on repeat
Micro-dose LSD


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