K camp - Writing on the wall

It was all about you and your homies, that's what it was about with me, me and my homies
Making sure everybody eat, making sure everybody's involved
But as you grow, you lose certain homies, because it's called, "closing the gap"
This is the gap, when we start
This is the gap as you grow
Notice how you grow and they don't
So how do you close the gap?
You gotta come back down, when you come back down you lose
So you gotta keep going up
That's why closing the gap gotta be them catching up to you
And if they don't catch up, you gotta leave them behind

Used to feel like an outcast, 'til I met hundred, three stacks
I put the North on my back
Mom got a wall full of plaques
I know she smiling at that
I know you smiling down too, RIP Jeff 'til I'm through
Rip all of my niggas, I'm tryna balance my life
Running through all of these bitches, which one gon' end up my wife?
Which one gon' pull out that knife, when she see my call log?
But I deny 'til I die, you know I'm a dog, oh
Bitch, I'm like fuck all y'all
As long as my family straight
Zante acting up but I just pray that nigga concentrate (Zante)
Pray that nigga find his way (Yeah), I know what you goin' through (I know)
I feel what you feel but ayy just know you gotta stay strong, fool (Gotta stay strong)
I won't let 'em harm you (Yeah), I been through that storm too (Ah)
Trapped inside that darkness, once I prayed that light just shined through
Keep the past behind you, worry about the now
Had to let you know 'cause mom dukes worried about you now
Me and my dad, we still ain't talking and that shit just blow my mind (Mind)
I guess the price of fame will change your family, every time
I'm like, man who can I trust 'cause shit done changed up when I signed (Changed)
Or maybe it's just me, I left that bullshit behind
I been focused on that money, I been focused on that paper
New crib in L.A and that bitch came with elevators (Yeah)
Don't know why I'm stressing, I know I'm in God's favor (Preach)
But always keep that strap and watch out for them perpetrators

Coach, I came to ball, yay
Waiting for my call, yay
When you come from nothing it's a must you want it all, yay
They want me to fall, yay
But I'm standing tall, yay
Exes keep on calling, I ignore them bitches all day

Ignore them bitches all day (Whoo), ain't got time to backtrack (Back)
I came from a place where students keep that in they backpack (Yup)
Watch out for them rat traps, watch out for them dirty hoes
Fuckin' for a come up, even sneaking through your dirty clothes
I know I'm the chosen one (Yeah), I know that I'm God's gift
I know when I walk inside in a building, y'all gon' catch my drift
I done lost relationships with niggas I thought was real
Money bring you problems, now I really know how big it feel (Whoo)
Oops my bad, how big it felt
Ah man, I can't help myself
I just walked in Fifth's and grabbed a bag, and a Gucci belt
Nigga I deserve this shit, man I had to curve that bitch
Ain't talking 'bout shit, you just getting on my nerves and shit
Speak it in existence, I been on that for a while
I pray I get along with the mother of my child (Pray)
Whenever that day come, I promise we'll be straight (What?)
Mansions off this intro, you know Young K way too great
Look, I ain't need no cosign, I built my own shit (my own shit)
Made my own name and I brought my own clique (my own clique)
Lil' niggas too lame and they jump from dick to dick (Lame)
Need a hundred mil' and your blessings, and that's it, wait

Now for real, these niggas don't wanna see me shine, man
These niggas don't wanna see me grow
They don't wanna see Camp become a better person, man
They wanna tear me down
This shit different
We ain't the same
Know what I'm sayin'? I want you to understand that
You can't stop God plans where to go

Writers: CALVIN BROADUS , Kristopher Campbell

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