Quentin miller - Destiny (freestyle)

It's like drop top music
It's like I'ma have to rent me a drop top
'Cause you know I don't own a drop top
So I might have to rent one so I could feel this shit
Ya feel me?

I, see things clearer than ever, yeah
Popsicle juice on my leather
That's what I get, just had to say yes
Had to change my idea of success
Stay in my lane and don't trip on the next
What's for me? It be what I'ma get
Hecklers want to buy my set
I am not upset, jokes on you, I still got a check
Every real rapper realizes I'm a threat
Hand over the button like Kim Jong
But I'm calm like Obama them
I have never seen a single battle karma didn't win
I have never seen a poppin' rapper with a missin' limb
Scratch rap, anything, technically I won already, I'm just sayin'
It took a minute for myself to understand
My destiny was already in my hands

Name drops, name drops, I hear name drops
Associates, old friends, got suggestions
Nicki poppin' on, she ain't never met me
Niggas got opinions, don't even know me
I don't even want the crown, I'm just doin' me
Mike Will, Metro, they 'bout as old as me
Wanna be mentioned with them, not just some old beef
If You're Reading This was like 2015, I lost a leg in '16
Look, if you can't tell by now, I ain't 'bout the hype
I create waves, I'm not the wave ridin' type
Big mistakes, grave ones I made throughout life
Try to learn from 'em, do it better next time
Collaborated with my favorite rapper few times
I don't want none of his credit, I'm just focused on mine
I was makin' songs back when I had a job
I do have a life, two kids and a dog
I ain't trippin' at all

Not at all, yeah
You know I'm more than just a, just a prop you know or, or a pawn
I'm a person too, you know? I ain't ask for none of this
Fuck this shit man
Shout out to Gunna
You know, never met him before, that's a nigga that I fuck with, that I respect
You know, I'm tryna make music
You know what I'm sayin? And box with these niggas
Shoutout to Gunna, shoutout to Super Duper Kyle
Shoutout to goddamn, mufuckin' Slick Git
Fatman Key, everybody, everybody doin' their thing
Rico Nasty, everybody doin' their thing man, shoutout to all y'all bro
I'm inspired by y'all
You know, I'm out here doin' my thing too bro
You know, I know y'all get caught up in that, but um
It's 1317 man
Pour up

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