Shai linne - Random thoughts 3

Hey Yo I'm back but nobody was asking where I been
'Cause Christ-centered music is no longer the hot trend
Logic says well maybe I should just stop then
But I never got into this for a spot in the top ten
I do this for one reason- Jesus, the True King, son
To help God's elect obey Hebrews 3:1
And though the rap world is ever crowded
If heaven allows it
I'll keep writing for the seven thousand
I know you're out there, I still get the emails
Against the church of Christ
The gates of hell will never prevail
It's founded on the Rock and the gospel never stops
So we droppin' the topic whether it's popular or not
Sin is noxious and toxic and the clock is gonna stop
God is not to be boxed with, the wrath of God is burning hot
We were locked in sin's closet, our conflict was cosmic
God plotted to stop it, hit the demonic with a shot
I was coppin' narcotics, agnostic with a plot
No optics for the knowledge of the God who often knocked
Jesus rocked me with the gospel and it tied me up in knots
So I hopped in a rocket and met the Prophet at the top

That's just another way of saying I met God in the Scriptures
But we just gonna let that breathe for a second, you nah mean?
The Bible says "He who has been forgiven much, loves much"
We gonna talk about BC a little bit

My depravity was total, not small like pox
I was chained to sin, I couldn't take off the locks
I thought I was a player, a mack with the flavor
Say "I know what the time is", but I ain't read Isaiah
I would chuckle daily as I paid for disgrace
Eyes were always puffy like I got sprayed with mace
I would toot my horn at parties and I would do bars
Got so intoxicated I was ready to do Mars
Notorious for acting pretty silly in my city Philly
Friends hear about it and be like
"Whoa, Did he really?"
Because I played dirty Bill Laimbeer style
Through great mercy Spirit-filled and dear child
Went from so gritty to headed to a gold city
In Christ I shine, the world's like, "No Biggie"
Whatever- time to sing, I'm putting faith on the song
1:12 displayed in John the way to respond
When His patience runs out
Then it's time for the rod, man
Microwave wrath of God, fam
That's why because of Christ I got mad joy
All I'm saying is I used to be a bad boy!

But nowadays I'm regenerated
Born again from above, fam, how else can I state it?
Went from various vices to a kid that's married to Christ
Using literary devices to spit it very precise
My conversion to the Master was so dramatic
I just wanted to be an ambassador or fanatic
The gospel was my tonic- With Christ I couldn't lose
But to walk with God like Enoch
I knew I couldn't cruise
This walk is a beast but nothing's greater than the cross
Saw the Mark of the East and the Raiders of the Lost
While Tower Records was choosing to carry G-Unit
I was on that Revolutionary Theme Musik
The brothers from the Lou held it down as well
But we noticed a big shift in 2012
Around the time Jackie asked me about Calvinism
Christian Hip-hop found a different algorithm
And crossed over without taking the cross over
Made us all sober -- years later, is it all over?
Trip asked me if I was still motivated
I was quiet, but I wanted to say "No, I hate it"

Because brothers in your camp causing lots of confusion
I love them as brothers in Christ, but not their conclusions
They wanna reach the world? By all means keep pursuing it
But tell me, why they gotta diss the church
While they're doing it?
That's what I wanted to say, but I ain't say it though
But no more laying low, I want them to play it slow
And I ain't dissing them, my prayers are the proof
Like Boaz without Ruth is unity without truth
Chh is like gorillas in the mist
With no brotherly love, it's like Philly don't exist
What's happening here? It's a different atmosphere
Cats appear most concerned about a rap career
Brother overseas being slain in the sand
While we're vain in our plans seeking fame and some fans
And I ain't got time to philosophize
Satan got a plot devised
I'm seeing lots of guys apostatize
On top of all that, Donald Trump's the president
It's all good though, cause Jesus trumps the president
So more than ever, I'm trying to rep the Lord who bled
And we ain't never gonna stop, word to Corey Red!

I'm just trying to give a healthy demonstration
Of theocentric music for the selfie generation
You see the problem is sin, no riddle in it
'Cause all sin got "I" in the middle of it
We're mad depraved and truly evil
We need to be born again without a Matt Damon movie sequel
In the gospel, God addresses our depravity
The Lamb slain at Calvary, the depths of His agony
He rose from the grave with abundant grace
So when we come in faith-
He'll bring us up from the "sunken place"
Our sin's decrepit depths left a mess
No rest was left 'til Jesus put death to death
The beauty of the victory truly is a mystery
The cross of Jesus Christ is at the nucleus of history
Before the cross they were saved on credit
After the cross, we've been saved on debit
Since our Champion in the great war suffered
We gonna proclaim His death like the Lord's Supper
So welcome to the Still Jesus project
Yo, we just getting started and we got a lot left!

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