S.m.o.s - So high

Feel so high, you know you are
So High, So High

Girl tell me all your darkest fears while our hearts are near
You can go and steer the wheel while I be shifting gears
Whisper softly in my ear when the clouds appear
And kiss me tight through the night when the smoke is cleared

Yeah, remember when it started out
Me and you was on the couch but then I chose another route
Moved south, to try to fill my bank account
Lost in all my thoughts, I'm used to getting' faded now

You taught me how to roll a dutch roll a blunt smoke it up
Taking shots on the daily sippin' through a solo cup
Almost died but it wasn't close enough so I kept on
Tried it more than once

That's the life I used to live
Before I met with you I was trippin' with another bitch
Started doing shows, how it goes when you rich
Then you came along and we got fucked up on some other shit

You know you are, so high
Faded, faded, (feel so high)
I'm so high

Chilling on the rooftop we be taking shots
Smoking on some purple kush just to stir the pot
Fingers interlocked getting dizzy like a spinning top
Come on girl we never stop waiting til' the beat drops

There's me and you no in between
Faded til the AM we was trippin' off the lean
Someones at the door but we too busy smoking trees
Rolling up getting fucked in between the sheets

Every time we'd fight wed make it up with sex
I would always disagree to put that to the test
And I swear the summer nights have always been the best
Smoking on some weed and drinking endless XX

Cause every night we spent just felt so surreal
All about the LSD baby that's the deal
How could I forget all that hot sex appeal
And by now the smoke has cleared so baby lemme feel so

You know you are, so high
Baby let me feel so
Faded, Faded, (feel so high)
I'm so high

"You like singing about drugs, is this because you like taking drugs yourself?

"No, it's um, cause I can't carry when I go through customs, figured somebody in the audience"

"Were you searched by our customs meant for drugs?"

"Oh no cause I don't take any"

"No drugs at all? And you just sing about them?"

"You want people to take drugs themselves, is this perhaps why you sing about drugs?

"Oh yeah I want them to take drugs"

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