P money - Back to back

Ay, there's only one me
You ain't gotta tell me, I knew this
I'm active, you ain't gotta help me, I'm healthy
Kings row, sitting in Chelsea, bell me
Tipsy in the bedlam with the wealthy
What's that on the table? LP
Magnum, Rosé, next up LV
Wifey looking all spicey, Mel B
Like I do it for the yute
Them do it for the elderly
OG's sitting up OT
Out there, in and out cool, like Kobe
You know me, real ghetto boy like Coley
Feet up sitting in the ends, cosy
I got a new young gunner, Iwobi
Keep the mash in doors, Toasty
Nobody owe me, Quaglife chose me
I wanna carvery, phone up Toby

Yo G, man a OG, man knows me
OG's over the top, man's OB
Labels getting dropped out, no Sony
Two jabs from a OG, man OD
Hook mask on, not Bo Peep
I was OT with cats, man's Mowgli
Need help with the target, Fam phone me
Last year, I hit my last three, man's Kobe

Duglife, got 'em sitting upright
Grinding for the whole day, and I'm up night
Some nights, bust more shots than a gun fight
Please don't talk in my car, bug life
I've had enough of west end, up tight
I don't club right, I used to club light
I'm in boozers, filling up Hooters
One more Stella Artois, it's a pub fight

Pub fight, we could swing now 'til sunrise
No guys, with no jobs or love life
Drive with a burner, hashtag glove life
Two packs in the boot, this is all thug life
Tell 'em that's only one side, Glovelife
Text little D, "What's the club like?"
Said, "It's bopping," I said, "Yeah?" he said, "Mum's life"
Now I'm rapping this thing, getting tongue tied

Say mate, everybody vacate
Man normally go sleep, when I haymake
Chat shit, hit em with a bang like AJ
Worst ways, hit em with a bottle like Dave Haye
I'm ok mate, woke up a day late
Lagbo drunk with the girls from Babestache
Brandy, all in my blood like ray jay
Sex tape, oh wait, no wait, Mayday

Mayday wouldn't even do it if he paid mate
Labels wanna feature, I charge 8k
Couple minutes on my JDZ, AK
'Cause all my tunes get a pull-up like Jaykae's
I still remember the Grade A's
Back then it wasn't Lidl, it was Safeway's
Grinding hard, making my own payday
I was shottin food from my house, doing takeaways

Waving, man a sailing
Got old bill on the pavement, tailing
It's draining, but I gotta keep trading
No days in, money gotta keep making
No, shaving when I'm raving
It's a beard gang, on a Bathing Ape ting
No saving, bottles come out the casing
Heart racing, wish that I woulda stayed in

With the girl, they'll be loved up, on a Drake ting
But I can't, 'cause I got money to be making
Got a car and bike, for the summer day ting
It's not a public transting, I'm not Caitlin
I'm, so A-M-A-zing, back in school
I was roll deep taping
Ten man deep, leave a whole squad blazing
All my enemies are bread, for the baking, it's

Baking, man a baker
Got tech like Neymar, elevator
Wanna turn up, been about since Deja
Nowadays man spin an MC, on radar was
Me and Craver, on the Sega
When the sheets got rager, 'cause of paper
Got baiter, now man want a favour
Little D and P-Money the Originator

Demonstrater, merking man are A Class
Shotting A class, in trees, for the paper
Lightsaber, tell a man see ya later
Callin' my girls, X-Men, X-saviour
Since, back when I had a pager
Top player, FIFA, we could wager
Don't pay up, David Haymaker
Man are getting permed out, in the straightener

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