K-trap - Paper plans

(Everyday I got paper plans)
Everyday I got paper plans (course I do)
Tell me a day I ain't weighing grams
Turn 4 into 9, I'll be pissed if I break this hand
I've seen bro get a hammer and chisel
All just to break this slab
Two bricks of the am just stinking
It's kinda awks if I take this cab
Drop a half and a 9 to Misch
AB wants a thousand grams
Phone up the workers and round up cash
Step in the kitchen, box of the maj
Just looking like powdered yam

I just sent out a thousand texts
I might end up with a blocked sim
I was sitting on the dock, two hands on my lap
Yeah the Trident had me boxed-in
Tell me if you think you could sit in my seat
Hear 14-to-life and not sing (don't think you could)
Yeah I said 14-to-life and not sing

I see bro get his timepiece bussdown
Big face with a hella rocks in
I hear the sound when the street ish drop
Why you think that hella shots ring
If Chase pulls up in the S
Leathers all red, bet your bitch hops in
Yeah I bet that your bitch hops in

All this weight that I move
And I still need to jump in the gym
Spot a opp, I'll jump out the ride
And let the 4 corn run with the wind
A man stole that word, that was mine
But I let them man run with the ting
All my nigga does is boxes
And he ain't never jumped in the ring

You ain't never been in a nasty bando
And thought you'd be better with a 9 to 5
You ain't ever boshed the hell out the pack
And still sold that 9 for 5
You ain't ever got a phone call 'bout a drop
And said nah you ain't got time for the hype
But 20 minutes later find yourself outside
With a big 44 in the ride

I ain't gotta talk too much
When it's time I'll get them punks
Tell Screws bring 25 shots
These shots won't get you drunk
5th corn too dangerous
It don't pierce, it's taking chunks
Hit a boy up and forget it
Next day I'll take bae for lunch

Out here everyday, this shit's gotta pay
Remember that day, caught a chase from the gunboys
They're pissed that Misch got away
On the phone to Skeng every night
Three years that bro's been away
When he's home, he's back
He just wants a new wap and an all-gold 18k, flexin'!

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