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You already know it isnt it
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I take a look at the game and it's looking like parliament
'Cause it's a house full of commons
Bunch of back bench emcees man I'm so deadly
So I'm coming straight with a toppest
I got a bag full of flows but it don't come free
Somebody show me where the guap is
These men are washed out like jeans I bring heat to the scene
Then I burn like a thousand degrees
Cause I'm so fire and light get your name burned like third degree
Get a man down, get me a fire in the booth 'cause I've done put fire in the streets
Wet a man how, only time you get things wet is when you got a girl in your sheets
Touch my bro, touch my bro what where man I get your info like bees
Better worship me like a majesty
Got a sixteen bar full of man if a pussy wanna challenge me
And they claim that they hard but they not
They man a come soft fabric like tapestries
Like magic I'll vanish him
If he touch my green like nothing I'll cabbage him
Round here we don't play around
Yeah all my hill boys on the savage thing
I got white boys that will stick you up for the brown
Bill rob men for a bill
Sash me out for the cash
Rj out for the skrills
Man I'm really out for a mill
This ain't no TV show, I could make it to the top with a deal or no deal
My lyrics are so real, my gang is so trill, ice around my neck I'm so chill
But they wanna fuck with a G when they don't know what I've got under my sleeve
If you saw what the hook done to the face then you definitely wouldn't be fucking with me
I'mma bad rude boy a bad boy emcee
Cool fed when I body bag emcees
Soak mad I'mma baptize emcees
Never saw eyes on me it's pete but
But I can see you you can see me
I can see your not a tear a true G
You can see I am the best emcee
Say my name be one medley
I can see you you can see me
Me and my crew that's MMLC
Boot down the door when we bust on the scene
Like big man show me the cream
No real trap stars will whip in the T
House cause they be out for the skrilla
Only with you and you when you whip up the mash potatoes
Serve that in a
You can't talk about trap
You can't talk about beef
You can't talk about straps
But I can talk about leg work cause this leg work turned a fat boy slimmer
Out for the top spot pussy I'm top notch
Smoke out the booth get hot boxed
Big summer toe low so I'mma fix damage later
Man I need insurance I'm a black box
You don't want to be part of this crash
Steering your lane made man through the digital dash
Have man singing like Drake when I cross futures in the palm of my hand, it's mad
'Cause I grind hard and I won't stop till I'm famous
Stack notes all for the love of the papers
Niggas dislike us they hate us, they got no dough but
I'm trying to break bread like bakers
MMLC won't stop till we're icy
Try me that's unlikely
Touch one of my G's, one of my peeps, you can make new friends
Let me introduce you to the nine piece
Hit em in his face and his chest no survival even if he's wearing a vest
Coming for the spot like you'd think it was marked with an X
If it's worth it your asking for death
Niggas better show me respect, go against me
And you're telling loose slims man I'm taking off an arm and a leg
I give away an arm and a leg, for my boys from the get go
All these niggas gassed like petrol, trigger in the lamps
Smoke emcees like menthol
I give this niggas the game, they think it's a game
I'm ending your contract, give that shit back like a rental
Thought you were the best in the scene but you're not that stressful
Put it in a mouth good head that's mental
Till rays teeth for your mouth that's dental
Talking about dope and you're dead bro
Hit em with a sixteen bar
Man I just talk, pussy boy wanna talk shit
He can load the clip when he's back like a bra
I remember they like Berna so broke
Now I scurve in the whip with a chick in the car
I remember shitty when the speed to the dog
Now she sucking on dick in the car like raw


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