Lil b - Beautiful chicago

I swear to God I rep Chicago
I feel like I'm a bed but I'm a Leo
So I lean those, I sell blocks
I rep the block but I rep the whole world
Chicago I do this for you baby
Chicago yeah I love you crazy
It's Lil B for real, I'm like Keith Jenkins
I be stuntin' in the back, the pinky
The pinky ring's on, feelin' like the don
I swear to God man, Chicago we so strong
We so on, it's so real
I'm takin' chances like Chance, that's for real
This is you already know about me dawg
It's Lil B from the winter, spring, summer, and fall
I never fall and I never fail
And when I fail I bounce back like that dude for real
I'm just keepin' it for real
I'm like a mummy cause I'm for real
And don't play games with me
I rep Chicago for life, it's Lil B, you feel me?

Yeah, uh, we in it
In the house like silverware
They try to box me in, I never square
Worldwide, we everywhere, you never there
Pussies like your father, you ain't never there
Talkin' bout soul, feel it everywhere
Yeah, did what I had to do
Show up in the bucket actin' brand new
2 + 2 is 4, yeah I got it more
Tryna get some more, what I got in store
Held it in the drawer
Kickin' somethin' you never seen before
Know you feel it
And you ain't gotta like it, we the realest
Ugh, rock it from the bottom
Told 'em if they needy, yeah I gotta make no problem here
Me and Chance takin' chances
And we ain't savin' dances
Not for her, not for her, it's for her, her and her, him and you
I got one for you too, it's love round here
Yeah, we ever hear and we right here

That's for the record
Feel like liquor
Pollinate, you just gotta wait
I just had a hit now I elevate
I know they hella waitin'
They got an idea for this shit
They said they been waitin' years for this shit
Don't ask about my ends
Don't ask about my friends
Me and Brandon get
Money on the regular
Feelin' like a (?)
In a spaceship, I can't erase it
I just will face it
Another but I just might face it
Get a facelift, come through with that space-shift
That shift bar in your car, ugh
In case of emergency just break the glass
I can't wait for class
And I still can't pay for ass
Celebrity hoes be so choosy
Watch that next step, it's a doozy
Don't call no girls no floozies
Don't call no Ubers no taxis
Check out my Pat Maxi
So nasty
Flow crabby don't gas me
I know my shit so classy
But I had so much fun with the freestyles like T-Nasty
I mean T-Wayne, I'm tweakin'
Off of the top, offer a lot
And it's (?) hot, I know that I rock
Got (?) for tomorrow
So I (?)

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