Talib kweli - After the rain

Aye boy, I got moves to make
See the hood ain't my last stop,
You understand me?

Walkin' under gutter rainbows
Eh, fuck that noise man
Walkin' under gutter rainbows
I'm gonna blow this popsicle stand, man

Yo, son said he 'bout to blow pop's testicles
Hit it boy
C'mon son, what'chu gon' do?

When I make some money man
Word, word
I'm a buy one like of them circle line books
Park that motherfucker on Ocean Avenue
How 'bout givin' me a mu'fuckin' beef patty
Ya know'msayin'?

Lord man, yo don't forget that cocoa bread son
I'm a get some rims, with rims on 'em!
With 32, 32 rims? 32,28's?
Have you been all ?
Why you gotta bring that up?
I'll have a big ass house in the middle of the hood
Everybody house look little, his house big and shit
That's what I'm a do
I'ma get me one of them big ass houses

What the fuck you laughin' at A-D-A?
Heh, it's not funny, it's not funny

In my house, I'ma wear house shoes
My house shoes is gon' be heelies
I'm gonna be slidin' through the crib like usher
On the confessions tour 'n shit
You lyin' ass

Walkin' under gutter rainbows
Get money, get money
Walkin' under gutter rainbows
Walkin, walkin' under gutter rainbows
We gonna take over Google
Come up with other shit called giggle

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