Lisa "left eye" lopes - Neva will eye eva

Yo sis, I know you can hear me from up there
I rocked this track out just for us
Raindrops in my left eye

Deep in the thought spiritual sight
Which way would benefit me on the mic
Stress all around blocking my path
Have to stay used to regain my own balance
Stay confident, strait as an arrow
Walkin' the path that proclaims to be narrow
Through my adventures I see many shakes
See many come, see many wait
Just the right time to catch me off guard
Approaching me fake, don't think for a minute
That Lisa don't know what the hell's going on
Just when you think that you got it your wrong
Breaking the norm beneath the rut
Given the way that y'all think about cuts
Freaking the beats with the illest techniques
I'm hitting the streets with a boom
Even though I can see clear that Reign has no fear
Yea, Reign has no fear
No fear that's here I'm too glad I was paid
To come and set the record straight
To blaze the path to fill in the gap
To way the industry from it's nap
To crush the whole mentality
And break up this monotony

Neva will eye eva want
Neva will eye eva will
Neva will eye eva beg
Neva will eye eva steal
Neva will eye eva break
Neva will eye eva deal
Neva will eye eva fear
Neva will eye eva kill

So many signs involving the way that my life is portrayed through the eyes of others
This is the real deal, still what would you feel
Breaking the ice, darkness appears the fan is so close to my heals
No fears of chills I just stand relaxed
And feed off the way that the track remains
The ones in back that talk behind
That back and said I lack the flow
I ran out of gas, no get up and go
But all of a sudden I'm full of petrol
Make up your mind, and while you do that
I will freak my own words to cover ground
Lisa wont stop no fucking way
What ever you feel what ever you say
Superficial prejudice has taken precedence
Over the true identity of the core of our personality
Too many times we add up to the fad
Now its time I come and change up the math
I tell you I'm from one equal one
Its enough, Left eye show em' how its done


Just the right mold
Burst into flames
Spitting the hottest first thing to gain
Never know fear with no must
Never know blow in the dust
Never know hearing no word for word gust
The will to sit, a threat to set
My official was back
Absolutely negative facts
Taking and breaking the stopping the dropping
The fist, straight to the gut
Through the something the game that was needed
To change up everything ass is
Even though they don't want to know
Setting the tone, bringing it home
Telling my life through its own
That's completely set for me to roll
Even my thoughts would appear to be gone

[Chorus: x2]

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