Kool keith - All night everyday

All night everyday
You can have it your way baby
All night everyday
I can give you whatchu need
All night everyday
Beats keep bumpin' 'round my way
All night everyday
Body needs my super cream

Get me paid, get sprayed, hang wit' homies that's made
Come through ya town, put it down like a parade
See I come from Detroit and it's all about Dylan
When I Black Jack five dollas stacked to the ceiling

In my V12 'Boomin' Words' straight from Hell
Blaze green all day, tell me what do ya smell
Bump the beat up in city heat, double-oh-7
East side I ride, AK-47

You can get a lap dance for less than 20 dollas
Playas in my city known for poppin' they collas
The styles that you runnin' 'round wit' is ours
You and them 'Shady' suckas is nothin' but cowards

Bang ya brains in the dirt, make ya go bezerk
If you rap wit' Emily, your ass gon' get murk
I'm the E to the S to the H-A-M
If I wasn't then why would I say I am

Pull a jack, sell a sack ''cause the babies need similac
You remember that rollin' in a Cadillac
You want to' battle rap, I swing the battle axe
Chop ya head off until Hailey go tattle that (da-da)


All night everyday you can have it ya way
I gotta clock my pay from Detroit to LA
Ok, it's Heather Hunter not the 'Number 1 Stunna'
In the Collady Fair, fast as the Road Runna

The bitches they speak about, the freak of the week no doubt
Ya man was late for dinner ''cause he was eatin' me out
I get it on like that ''cause I was born like that
Ya man jacked off to my porn in fact

'Cause it's too hard to mack me
I be 'Cummin' on America' 'Action and Jack me'
Cream on, Heather Hunter, twice as nice
Screw the right thing and watch the ice bling

So tell me how you want it, push or pull
2Pac was ridin' me on a mechanical bull
It's all I think about, when I be puffin' on a blunt
Plus I give head like a Shaolin Monk


I used to pick up a pan
My friend keep a CD in the van
People to win you can
NATAS back now, suckas don't slack now

No time to act now, me on the East Side
Rollin' the E ride, girls can come slide
Into the dark room, emotional heart room
Bass can bang-boom, X and mushrooms

Hotels paid for, freakin' in all the rooms
Girls, booties get live tonight, spread the lap dance
Why'all get high tonight, ladies in love
On my jock, and cry tonight, suckas say 'Why tonight'

Pick up the hotline, baby, you think ya fine
I'll putcha first if ya want to be the girl of mine
Wine and dine, puffin' chronic, crime
Move ya curse, grab ya purse

Me and E shootin' fireworks


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