Mariah carey - U make me wanna

Lets go

K-I-S-S me
And I just want to make
Love love love
I love it when you say
K-I-S-S me
And I just want to make
Love love love

Ayo the crib got your friends workin'
We travel to France for French curtains
You was there when I was on the bench hurtin'
Now that I own my team
It's only right that I condone my queen
Try to show her my dream
And I can't let her get lost now
She carries the money, the hammers and material across town
And understands she's fine
And understands she's mine
She understands the grind
Cook cleans and irons
And whatever she want to push
I'm cosign
And if I ain't got it already
Then I'm'a go find it
I guess I'm'a lucky don
And she a lucky queen
'Cause her jewelry box looks like lucky charms
All color stones
And she know I'm in the hood
But she also knows that I'm comin' home
Mr. Raspy thought I was in love with money
'Till the first time we did the nasty


Yo whatever the road to paradise is
We on it
Gave me your income tax check so I can get on with
Those were the days
These are the times
You held me down with nearly damn near everything
Even my rhymes
I would play a song for you
You let me know exactly how the ladies would respond
From a woman's point of view
And that's why my girlie is hear with me
I love it when she layin' in the bed with la perla or vickies
The next best thing to a soldier
Go hard with a fat ass and a head full of rollers
Just look in her eyes and tell she's real
Just imagine the way she smell and the way she feel
And the sex was crazy then and its crazy still
And you know I'm from the streets so it's crazy ill
And we waitin' on a new island
We been to all of them four five or times
Come on mami, you wylin'


When things was rough
Only person I could call was you
Now everything I do
I do it all for you

Come touch me
Come kiss me
Come love me

Anyway you want to boy
And I'm good as long as I'm close to you
Doin' things that grown folks is supposed to do
Come on

Come hold me
Come feel me
Come take me
Anyway you want to boy

Money is great but what we got is more better
We got the four letters
When it comes from the heart it's more pleasure
And for the fact that you trust me still
Thus far I appreciate what we've built
All the minks that I bought you that drag the floor
And all the nights that you sat up and bagged the raw
Damn I'm thinkin' you gotta hate it
But yet and still you tolerate it
(We gone make it, We gone make it)
That's why ma we gotta make it


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