Clann Zu - You're Listening to a Dead Man Speak

They say true understanding only comes when you're alone.
Well here you'll find me standing lacerated to the bone.
I'm lacerated to the bone.
I never learn from my mistakes.

I should have kept my distance, should have left well enough alone,
Now I watch you feed me the last remnants of my soul.
From your mouth I watch your words escape,
From the ground I watch you walk away.
I'm lacerated to the bone.
I crawl across this concrete floor.

I hear me say, "I should have known I've seen this all before a"
I'm breathing in this vacant hole where no one comes & no one knows.
I should have seen the weeping walls
And closed my ears to desperate thoughts
And now I'm breathing in this hole, a strange corner far from hope.
A head crush man with hopeless fears.

I should have known to leave this place,
This bitter air this vacant space.
I should have left without a trace.
I should have run when you touched me,
A perfect touch laced with defeat.

A single touch to make me weak.
You're listening to a dead man speak.
I never learned from my mistakes.
I should have fucking known.

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