N. e. r. d. - Drill sergeant

Drill sergeant I don't work for you
I'm not going to war (I'm not going to war)
I'm a cashier wielding books
I work at the Barnes & Noble store (Barnes & Noble store!)
You must think I'm Orson Welles and this is 1954
You understand Liberty until
Someone speaks for yours (someone speaks for yours)

Shame on you
Singing serve your country while I'm young
Shame on you
Mixing my mind up, handling guns
Bye bye mom and dad and all
Just in case there is failure
I could be blaming you
But I got something tell ya


Aim on your
Level their buildings, destroy their soil
Aim on you
Did you finally figure where to run that oil, fuck it
Why cry if man should die?
When there's probable failure or
I could just aim on you
But I got something to tell ya


[Bridge - repeat 5x]
Maybe there's another way
That we can bond, bond, bond, bond, bond, bond, bond, bond


I'm not going to war...

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