N.o.r.e. - Banned from another club

Now put your cards on the motherfucking table and see what's, what
Give life the dick hard she a slut
That will make her feel it in her gut
Then I move to my career
So fuck your perspective, your thoughts get neglected
Like Muggsy's shot and Marcus Camby rejection
Hit the sixth row, pass the court side section
I know you clown niggas must be kidding
This lefrak commission, put a ending to your vision
This rap shit turn five to sixth sense's
I know your profile, I'm like a hood human census
Major factor, nigga not a major actor
Deal with major niggas, fuck major bitches
Who else but the sho god
Open up the book, shit will never be closed
Like a spell on the industry, and no one got the code
But Al G.A.D.O and S.H.O we the mainstream where
Ever we go why y'all niggas know

[Chorus 1: Final Chapter]
From the front to the back, stay packed, fall back
It's a wrap, thugged out rule that
I know you mad cause your girl on our back, she with us
It's a wrap, thugged out rule that
Don't want no problems, but if why y'all want to clap, we got gats
It's a wrap, thugged out rule that
Everywhere we go we get tested at a show
We let everybody know
I'm let everyone know we shut it down (It's a wrap)

[Chorus 2: Final Chapter]
Banned from another club again, again
But we'll get it popping outside my friend (you ain't gotta let us in)
Banned from another club again, again
But we'll get it popping outside my friend (you ain't gotta let us in)

Yo, papi and I'm banned from the Roxy
Mad shootout's and more fights than Rocky
I hold records N.O most connected
My died arm strong, your pass intercepted
Hoes meet me in the motel, with just a thong
We goin' drink Smirnoff, bitch, fuck the don
You see my lucky charm, my niggas is on
And I'm a foul nigga bitch, I could fuck you moms
You see I'm banned from the Tunnel, my niggas is foul
Body shit when I come through, like Martha wild
And I would hate to have to, break your face bone
For Grey stones, have you looking like Grace Jones
Hit niggas up, machete's will split niggas up
Automatic's will blast, fifth niggas up
Al Gado, and Sho and this N-O
And if them niggas got beef, them niggas will go

[Chorus 1]

[Al Gado]
I'm the wrong person to love, easy to judge
And I ain't perfect, I'll tell you now I hold a grudge
Because we in the club, rolling thicker than fuzz
The wee dark the same, play this rap like a match
Just spark the game, and tear apart your fame
Blow so much smoke clouds, shit it would start to rain
An still flow lovely
Get on stage and get gully
I'm never fall off I got A, B, C scully huh
(Hate me or love me) that's your ultimatum
The devil price my soul, I still ain't pay him
But usually they love me, walk in the club
An make the crown look like they playing rugby
Ripe show's on a fraudulent stage
No matter what why y'all say, we living all of our days
Spit fire, no matter what the margin pays
Why y'all witnessing (Final Chapter) in their starving days
Show us love

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

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