N.o.r.e. - Love ya moms

I love you momma, I love you momma

[Verse 1]
Wish I could holla at you physically
Listen ma picture me shitting, came far from chopping crack in the kitchen
Hated when I was a thug, couldn't understand it
Put me through school, swore soon I'd be in a position to rule
Look at me now, your only child breathing through you
For you by you, the science of f.u.b.u ill creation
I'm still lying for that day I wake up
Out of this dream, see you kinectly move, a seventies jewel
A star's born, in the form of man
Deep like Elijah, mommy's only prophet speaking the logic
Now momma love said if I ever get rich
And I'm not alive, watch for the snakes, cause they got to survive
Don't acknowledge the lies, or the gossip
Stay true to yourself and don't do what your pop's did
I love you mommy forever

[Chorus: x2]
Love your moms and hate the streets
Love your moms and hate the heat
Love your moms while she resting in peace
Love your moms while she still here
Hug your moms when she shedding a tear
Protect your moms from her worst fears

[Verse 2]
My house someone not a nine, through hard times
Mom's so strong you one of my hearts pride
And you told me I would shine in time
Never win but you know, through you I spit
And make the whole globe glow
I zone on all the things you ever did for me
My grief as a kid, easing my pain, lifting my name
Predicting I'll see fame, change that bond that's never broken
You my heart for life, put ice on the surface of your soul glowing
To my moms straight royal, look at your boy now
Taught me young and intern I spoil you now
Don't even worry I'm a hold you down not far from now
When you see me and the way you've been
Just since my born day, and you proud
No matter what, so I'm touched when I spit it this way
I pray you'll be smiling for the rest of your days around
Always at my best, that's cause of you, always calm and watch
You rise me to be top notch


[Verse 3]
Yo I'm keep this gansta, and still be g
My moms is for my seeds, my moms for me
Always been by my side, when I needed her the most
When I was locked in a cell, holding her close
Visit after visit, she always be there
My farther would never cry, wouldn't shed at tear
My mother exact opposite, by all means
And it would hurt, when she would see me walking in state greens
I be like ma chill, cause it's all good
In just two more year's I'll be back in the hood
My farther he got sick, my mother couldn't take it
She called me the night he died, said he ain't make it
All hysterical, phone dropped oh the dresser
Ma calm down you got hi blood pressure
See I understand that I got to be a man
And take care of my wife, kids, and the fam


[Verse 4]
Mama love, old earth for what it's worth
Sorry for all the times I made you hurt
I know it was hard work, mother of three
Who would of though your baby be
Running the street crazily
You told me to stick to the dean
I lusted the cream, 57b fav queens
With cracks in my jeans
I'm going no where fast , that's what you said
Didn't want to lose me to jail
Over some quick bread, or end up died
Eyes bloodshed, and watching your tears shed
Damn a nigga making his bed
About to lie in, I want to change, but I ain't trying
It ain't justifying, my grandpops dying
Mom's I'm sorry for the pain
There's sunshine after the rain
My past shame it's hard to explain
Can I make you happy, I love to you smile
For your life while, ma it's our turn now


Love your moms hate the streets
I'll protect you from fears, always be here
Love your moms hate the streets
I'll protect you from fears, always be here

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