N.o.r.e. - The way we live

[Noreaga] *DeBarge sings in background*
You'know what I mean? This for the woman, why'know what'm sayin? Coming up, just
Trying to get a nut. why'all really understand what we doing. Ya know? why'all
Understand that we hurting why'all, why'all come attatched. It's all good. This
One for why'all, why'know what I mean? Yo, ya know? Its crazy. We all together.

I used to cut pies, in front of my girl, now I apologized
The reason why: (My fault) she seen the red in my eyes
When I was cuttin it, feelin like the archives
Choppin it down, thinkin I'm, choosing my prize

Never hit the street with out my heat, boo, told me not to
Said, "Paps, we know the jake 'ill try to knock you"
You do your thing, boo, I'll still be there, don't mean to knock you
I know its hard f***in with a thug n**** like me

Thinkin would I get locked?
Come home tonight or not?
Black Princess, kiss you when I see you
White women suntan and try to be you

The ?Mellanin? in your skin, make it all see-through
Sometimes he hurt why'all, not understanding what we doing
Sweatin at the foul line like Pat Ewing
Yo from all the brothers

I dedicate to the mothers
My mother, grandmother of the Earth
If it wasn't for women, then it wouldn't be birth
What, its all real

We're just some thug people (That's what we are)
That's what we are, trying hard to change the way we live
(Change the way we live)
But we can't take back, cause that's what we are
Trying hard to change the way life we live

Yo, yo, aiyyo, you got chronic? You got yours, I got mines
Lets get real high, light it all at the same time
Stop holdin, (hold it up) babe its your turn to roll it
I used to spend time outside with my dime

She be, rocking my chain, thinkin she shine
Straight beautiful, yo, I'm really glad that she mine
Kiss you on the forehead, cause yo, boo
This one for you

The stupid s*** I did in the past, I didn't mean it
You know a n**** skinny, cause a n**** 'nemic
But when you cook, the way that it smell, the way that it look
'Cause chef, plus you look good, that's off the hook

You go to school to
Sit back, or respect dude
Work you part-time, spendin your time around mine
I'm lovin you, that's why I wrote this rhyme

Flying in to Bell Harbor, when we need to shop
It's Cartier, Gucci, Gaultier, s*** won't stop!


Yo, its all good, I'm likin that two-hundred ?stand me?
It even flipped, when I was down in Miami
Called me on my cell phone, Jones like I'm still home
Tell me what your wearing girl, or what you look at pillin girl

Step into my life now, share my world
That's what I like about you, you got faith in me
Be shining by yourself, with little lace with me
The only thing I love more, gotta be the kids

You got the real hair, while other chicks rock wigs
I can remember back then, quite distinctively
When you friends kept saying not to get with me
But you couldn't help it, I know the both of us felt it

The both us melt it, the both of us dealt with
The rumors and the lies, your eyes on dies
Is enough for a brother to cut off ties
To any other chick I used to mess with

Keepin it real, cause you the real one, that I want to step with

[Chorus in background]

This song right here, is dedicated to all of why'all, why'know what I mean? Cause,
We know how we are, we know how we make why'all feel sometimes. Knowing that we
Ain't doing it purposely. We're just being the person that we are. Hanging

With the fellas, gettin jealous, why'know what I mean?You know what it is. This
One's for why'all.
Word up. I want why'all to tell all why'all girlfriends about this one


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