Aslyn - Lemon Love

My lemon love
Why you gotta break on me
Why you gotta shut me slowly down
The road from here, my lemon love
You know I put my trust in you
What a selfish thing to do, now leave me stranded here
How I thought that years would count for something good.
But to erase the loneliness it warns me
Officially my kiss will miss you
My my my my lemon love
The places we could be doing now,
Unfortunate and shamed your totaled out of touch from me
Did you ever know how much I felt for you
But to defend the damage done outweighs the crush eroded
You're demoted my my my my lemon love
I long to breath you don't understand
How to dream I'll never see you come again comes over me
I'd feel better never to accept the why
To know you I'd give up the sequence of my youth
For your affection resurrection my my my my Lemon love
I could never put a price on you
Cause I could never sell my heart and still be alive
Enough, my lemon love

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