Mick jenkins - Headass

I don't really care about giving this nigga shine
Ain't no light that he could use
It don't make me, no, nevermind

Ain't nobody 'bout to hear that shit and think to click rewind
With this rapping these days, this shit need to be defined
I mean, lets start with the quality of your videos
Guess who's who, this oovoo versus vimeo
Blues Clues with the verses
I got all these kids attention
Not to mention all these niggas in your mentions 'cause they fuck with me
And this is only one percent, my nigga, that's luckily for you
Craig Mack shit, it could get really ugly for you
In reality, this ain't even really nothing new dawg
You even got into it with Lu dawg
Vic Mensa, Joey Purp too dawg
It's like it's what you do dawg
Like you eating off cue cards or somethin'
That's just an observation
Rough around the edges like you playin' operation
Struggle bars, but don't let me break your concentration, know you need it
Know you heated 'cause the city cold to you
And you probably feel like summer, that money saved is old to you
'Cause niggas that your dumbass thought was little bros to you
Gave some cold to you and a bitch and you showed through you
And I bet this publicity gold to you
Or tell the people how you just dropped a shitty album
I could've posted the link to that shit as the cover to this song and probably could still predict the outcome
How come if no fans, then there's no projection
A double entendre, Mick Jenk for re-election
You PMS'ing, all the hatred need some redirection
Still surface level, water supposed to teach you deeper lessons
I guess you just another nigga missin' it
And everyone that cosigned you, now that I mention it
Yeah, see you was driving way way too fast
They gassed you all the way up, now you just wasting gas
I mean, I could've retweeted the comments under every post
At this points responding to you's just doing the most
At this point I could just let it be done
But these days, I ain't been that good with holding my tongue
Dawg, you can't fuck with me yet dawg
You insane, I'm Usain, can't keep up with me at all
It's like you bolted to the floor with this shit
I'm on the 47th floor with this shit
Opening doors with this shit
On tour, nigga turnin' down whores with this shit
You talkin' crazy, I implore you to quit
34 Years, you still ain't figured it out yet
I'm way more plugged into your creative outlet
10 years my senior, but I couldn't tell by your demeanor
And your court serving love like a young Serena
Your take on this situation's astonishing
No one cares about irrelevant accomplishments
It doesn't even matter if you respond to this
It's been apparent that a long time ago you lost consciousness
I'm tryna wake 'em up y'all
It's inception
He's in limbo, I think this nigga stuck y'all
I mean who really gives a fuck dawg

Don't really care about giving this niggas shine
It ain't no light that he could use
It don't make me, no, never mind

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