Kirk knight - Good knight

Look, of course like no male watch it keep my eyes peeled
Reveal, watch till 5 connection is too real
Word is born positive and negative
Black executives like ay, just find what's for senators
Ill never fishy
I never understood the ugly ones with the jewels or the yamaka
Don't get clapped through the monitors
"Oh what's in store?" she said "BJ"
"Yeah, just for all of us"
Industry chicks get crazy for a little tip
Hennessy and whine glass lying sayin' they only took a little sip
Ya'll look cute but a nigga just a crazy one
Life with whisky take it with a grain of smoke
Cats like us, same miscellaneous, don't forget watch it
Protect your neck stop it before you get stomped and
We light it up, keep it ultraviolet, consider the key that define us nigga

Everything was good until reality struck
Never thought that reality could cut me deep like a fatality cut
A fake salary like we ain't eating that green
Mama my dream be king and I'm gonna be honoured
But im beyond it, not being a safe I'm a supreme being when I'm rhyming
Outshining the Muhammads cause I'm a Brooklyn bomber
Bringing the drama, start ? Your timer
No Hakuna Matata, wake up that goon Your medula omcata?
Stop thinking what your tinking with
Hold ya bladder save the blabber
Roll a J with some grabber take a plane to Allah with the shit im supplying
Or put you on the road to zion no lying
Yo flow tiring, im a flow tyrant
The best with the grip to your neck no violence
The best with the grip to your neck no violence

Live from the underground, peep the style
Wild motherfucker, golden smile
Tryna stay level headed, hold shit down
Walk around, no crown, champion bound
Flatbush raised me, the drug game paid me
Yo bitch I'm blazin and smoking in the same speak
Buss up in her mouth piece, nigga there, no seeds
Steady talking green, Walkin with a lean
Life ain't, Life ain't always what it seems
Never gave a fuck getting out my dreams
Beast Coast, we been here, permanent ink flow
Got the choppers, pop yo partners, fill em up like empanadas
Young man, any given day could be yo last
Elevate yo mind, intertwine visions from the sky
We heaven sent, cyber motherfuckers for president
Your wack ass music little nigga irrelevant

Hash oil and joints, my ball pen on point
You clown niggas is doinks
See we don't fuck with the police
Na we don't fuck with the oink, swank – what my niggas say?
Krill, what my nigga say? Click clack – blaow
Grip steel like what my niggas say?
Sometimes I want to boil up and die or disintegrate
Sometimes I want to reach for – the sky yo levitate
Elevate, success in my spliff you might want to take a hit of this
At least get some contact, nigga take a whiff of this
These rap bitches sensitive – like my bitches clitirous
Vivid like Tarentino, cinemas with synonyms
You ever met God, well shit nigga I feel like him
Shrooms and dancing on the ceiling
High I'm in dirty white denim, polo my sweater
You are not that better, your shit not venom
I spit hot peppers bitch!

I really think I'm high up on the brim
Knowledge infinite, tell your friend send it, I will dial in
String shorty's violin
That means I'm a player for a sucker not a goddess
God's got my back, but the Devil's got my eyelids
Step up to the throne, still high off the hot shit
Never got the pass but I pass for a pastor
Free form thinker move crowds with my chapters
Not a funny actor, I'm backwards
I orchestrate through the pass like Mashburn
Heat for the Knicks, end of the spliff
Marijuana fine cut, like a boob on a bitch
Since a younger man, in my younger days I was dazed
By the days, I didn't do what I say
Now I'm determined to reign, fuck bitches and fame
I'd rather remain payed
Rich in the mind nigga keep your change
Rich in the mind nigga keep your change

Yo, fellow niggas, mind wounded a rhyme student
Ignorant, grew up in it but fine to it
Moms knew it, Dad wasn't around for it
A bomb to it, my voice is just like the sound of it
Niggas ducking I'm looking over they noggin
You will never be the hottest you nothing more than a Robin
False information, lost and I'm wasted
This should be the time that you niggas should get it poppin'
Told 'em I was in here, I ain't never been here
Fuck it, I'm a put this knowledge to his bucket
Hating on me, tuck it
You a LeToya Luckett, you a sucker in disguise I can see it in your structure
OGs, give me game and it's on me
Smoke weed, meditate and be on key
Never no beginner I'm finishing every sentence
We the reason these new niggas is looking vintage
Making my entrance, clear the path
Niggas better get it right or I'm a have this fuck nigga feeling bad
Joey Bad, Kirk Knight, the worst night
You ever seen a Flatbush ZOMBiE in real life?
Walking the dead, off the head in disguise of a educated man's third eye

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