Kota the friend - Grandpa's interlude

And we would go
One day I'll never forget, we used to dance on Second Avenue
And come out the train station on the avenue, and the building we danced in was on the corner
We came out with our
We were with our friends with— that we danced with
And we came out the train station
And daddy was sittin' there on the, on the train station, um, steps
And me and Marcell were like, "Daddy?"
And our friends were like, "Daddy? That's your father?" Hahaha
And we were like, "Yeah"
And, I mean, that goes to show you, if
If when you love a person, it doesn't matter if they're dirty
It doesn't matter if they look like a bum, it doesn't matter
We hugged daddy and kissed daddy and cried 'cause we hadn't seen him in so long
And, um, every, we told everybody else, of course, to go and he asked us what we were doin' over there
And we said we dance right here
So we showed him the building that we dance in
And daddy met us at that building every day for the summer
We just tried to take care of him as much as we could, even though he was livin' in that situation
He, he was always smilin' even though he was goin' through—
Goin' through something, mhm
The negative parts of his life, I never saw him sad
Yeah, even when he would come see, up here
I ne, and that was one thing that was outstanding to me because he was never, ever
I,he coulda been sad inside, but on the outsie he was always smiling
Always smiling
And we— and when the end of the summer came, we knew we weren't gonna see him
Because that was the end of our rehearsals
So it just kinda dwindled, you know, kinda dwindled off

Writers: Avery Jones


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