Kota the friend - Koala

Livin', nigga with the vision (Ayy)
Pullin' up, skrrt, hoppin' out the Honda Civic (Skrrt-skrrt)
Ayy, calm flex, don't need mall press (Don't need it)
I been secretly in Oslo in the vortex (You know it)
Always travel with a bonsai, chakras on (Choppers on)
Balanced like a Lieber scale, whole squad good (We good)
I been-I been incognito and I'm back in my hood (I'm in the hood)
Stackin' money for the sequel, get it 'cause I rhyme good
My koala on my back (Ayy), no designer on my back (No)
Why you puttin' up a front, (Why)
Why you twistin' up the facts (Why you lyin'?)
Lil' Kota got the soul, if I drop it then it slap
Every year is 'bout the growth
Every day is like the last (Like the last), yuh

You got the juice (You got the juice)
I got the sauce (I got the sauce)
You need a crew (You need a crew)
I am a force (I am a force)
I got the soul (I got the soul)
I got the soul (I got the soul)
I got the soul (I got the soul)

Hoppin' up outta the bay
I gotta get to the bread (Get to the money)
I gotta get to the plane (Zoom!)
More space, free legs, yeah (Ayy)
All day, free head, yeah (Ayy)
All of my niggas is free (Free)
Wake up and do what I want (Do what I want)
Wake up and do what I want (Do what I want)
Love for the people that showin' me love
Alkaline water all up in the cup
Don't need permission, I don't give a fuck
Did it alone, don't ask me for nothin' (Don't ask me for shit)
I am like water, I go with the flow
Uppity nigga, I know what I know (Know what I know)
I got the studio up in the crib
I do not leave my apartment for shit
I was out in Paris eatin' macaroons, nigga, yes
I was out in Dublin sippin' Guinness, yes, I'm hella blessed
Southbound on the front porch
Grey Goose, lemonade
Good girl, good vibes
I could do this shit every day, yeah

You got the juice (Juice)
I got the sauce (Sauce)
You need a crew (Crew)
I am a force (Force)
I got the soul (Soul)
I got the soul (Soul)
I got the soul (Soul)

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