Beast coast - It ain't easy, it ain't easy
Overige artiesten: Flatbush zombies Nyck caution Kirk knight Cj fly Ak

Bitch, I'm a hustler, flex like a wrestler
Ring came from Russia, spread you like mustard
Feeling no pressure, yeah, we get slept on
Quick and my bread long, I'm in it like tampons
Jet late to San Juan, pink like I'm Cam'ron
Carats like Anwar, bitches know fare ones
Bitches like Flintstones, I see them big stones
Ballin' like Jim Jones, Flatbush, that is home
Talk out yo' mouth, front and that bitch gone
Damn Zombie, got like ten hoes
Grabbing ass, that's a handful
Zombie show, line around the block
Hard work took us to the top

Uh, it ain't easy, it ain't easy (nope)
Used to be my ace boon coon and now you coon on TV (all bad)
Swear the shit I'm seeing, don't believe the seasons (why?)
Only way I fall is if I crack my kundalini, sweetie
Here's a tip, form your own opinions out this bitch
Herd of niggas on the side and they don't hurt my confidence
I'm a born sinner winning, everything I gotta be
I'ma wear the thing out, like New York fashion week
She a freak, fit physique, she done came up on the beat
For the block, got the Glock tote, designer boxer briefs
What you see? She bougie? She don't wear no D&G
Freakily, hold your key, in the suite I'm counting sheep, sleep

Bitch I'm a hustler (yeah), don't fold under pressure (woo)
After I fuck you, I'ma forget ya (forget ya)
Not gonna text ya (nah), flex like a wrestler
Give me a whip it (yeah), that's ruthless aggression (woo)
Feel like I'm Usher, this my confession ('fession)
The rest of y'all weak dissed the Coast and you get disrespected

Bitch I'm a hustler, tall like a wrestler
Reach and my bread long, gon' fuck like a porn star
Sex is impressive, she be coming in seconds
Counting my C's, skip to my blessings
So much aggression, take a look at my necklace
Take a look at my life, nigga, you can't do better

You see my reflection ('flection), I need a whole section (section)
Bottles and bottles and bottles and bottles, I know it's excessive ('cessive)
She call me a jerk, she getting rejected
Spent that dough, I get injected
Keep that toolie undetected
I keep count of all my blessings
Get in tune or disconnected
Look, you see in my eyes, I'm not lazy (lazy)
Huh, Beast mode, you can't tame me (tame me)
Never sold my soul, are you crazy? (Crazy, ha)
I'm on the road, with the gang, Beast

I want you just like an ottoman
You reference how you might want a man
You're her boy toy but she want a man
You more like I was subordinate
Line you up, son, like an ordinance
Went to PR 'cause I want a ten
I'm a twenty on a scale of one to ten
We got matching rings like we the Wonder Twins
I am not playing like I'm on the bench at a game
'Cause the ref held me out for a tech
I shoot the trey in they face like your jaw
I'm puttin' the points up 'cause I've been the best
Beast Coast the team though, I'm not with the Nets
I shoot my shot, every time it's all net
If we overseas, then I Euro step
You Warriors, all my guys shootin' like Steph

Run you over if you in the way, there ain't no beep-beep
Quick to bang and I'm with the gang, strapped like a CP
Switched the lanes, yeah, my rap done changed and ya'll get street sweeped
Hit the stage, she gon' suck the team, just for a retweet
Niggas be clones, but they ain't the owner
Fathered your style, now give me my tokens
It's been a while, like I was in coma
Now that I'm back, I'm king like a cobra
Sipping the Act, and y'all get it slower
She say I'm tense, got knots in my clothin'
Diamonds they dance, she bending it over
She got a man, but live in the moment (uh)

(Bitch, I'm a hustler, flex like a wrestler)
(Bitch, I'm a hustler, flex like a wrestler)
(Bitch, I'm a hustler, flex like a wrestler)
(Bitch, I'm a hustler, Bitch I'm a hustler)

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