I Am War - Lead by Liars

Everyday, is a giant brain washing scheme
Hatched by those who profit from deception

Steal your money, steal your mind
Take a number get inline
If your not buying what they're selling
Beware, beware
It could be the end of your life

Our Leaders, are liars, cheats, cowards, and degenerates
I will never surrender my mind

Hypocrisy, the standard of the day
Preached by those
who cloud our perceptions
Of what is virtuous and hideous
A truer monster we'll never know
More grotesque than
Any other villain

Beware, beware
It could end your life
Open your eyes
what motivates is greed, fear of a demon
Whose face is never seen

Stare into the abyss, see what you want to see
Tell me if you can make any sense
out of the lies we are forced to eat

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