ANDRÉ GALIANO - Put on Your Boots

10. put on your boots 3:47
(andré galiano)
ISRC BR-NM4-15-00012

hey i just wanna be your mirror
baby i wanna be your sweet summertime
i wanna be there when you think love
i wanna be there when you kick - kickstart the night

wanna be a top down wind on your face
i wanna be your favorite place
so when it?s about time
it?s just about time
baby i just want you to

put, put, put on your boots
you know i love it
cus my heart goes pumping everytime

so you know it takes two to tango
oh you hold the floor so well
i just love when you?re around
so maybe i?m in oh over my head now
doesn?t it seem this song was made for you and i

when you dance so close to me
i can almost feel you breathe
lets stay up all night til we can
taste the morning breeze

but when you?re gone and lonely
baby when everything turns awry
remember to come down
put your boots on
and baby let?s just ride

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