Mick jenkins - Heron flow
Overige artiesten: Julien bellin

(Yea, yea)
Good to be here
I'm excited that many of you can come out
And share these vibrations with us
My name of course, excuse me
My name of course is Mick Jenkins
My organization and my family is called Free Nation
And we are here this evening to give you some free thought
Some food for thought
We've been breaking bread over thoughts concerning the man
From place to place
With face to face conversation
Which can be an easy thing to lose sight of
In the light of this digital age
What we are talking about concerning the man
Is a red hot case of dot dot dit dit dot dash
The remorse code
The damned if I know
Dot dot dit dit dot dot dash means damned if I know
And the reason this has become such a popular phrase
In different black communities around the nation
Is because there are more and more things black people
Thought they had a handle on that they sorta seen slowly slip away from them
More and more things the black man specifically has kinda just let go

Pieces of a man

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