Forever m.c. - School
Overige artiesten: Lupe fiasco Talib kweli Hus kingpin Rozewood

Yeah, s'the way it go, Forever M.C. Talib, Lupe
Rozewood, go stunt
It's a magic sound

Yo, metalize eyes, I please skies and clouds
Trim solos, bazookas and hoses when I wrote this
Wide lotus, my Zodiac sign, designed by the guards
Written by the masters, follow my path to Damascus
Full claim out your face line, it's Wave time
Ayo Roze, these niggas front, I'ma waste mine
I wanna know who die and made you supreme leader of the free world
Deep as a sea pearl, a thousand leagues untouchable
I'm doing star dances, I'm advancing, only speaking truth
Cocaine barrier, walls, laws a wayvo
Big gun, overflow, your mouth display gold
Wax poetic, street cracks the chemist
Combine all elements, you straight outta the delicate
It's Rozewood and Wave Lord squad, yo, peace, God
I tongue-kissed my sword I'm circlin' the stars

They said I failed that day, when I left from school
Got to learn to follow, before you learn to rule
But I made my way, they say that life is cruel
I fight on both ends, that's what we call a duel
As a kid growin' up, I would bump Lupe
Got that Food & Liquor, sit back and press play
Then close my eyes, and start dreamin' of the day
When I'd move to the groove, and be talkin' to Sway
'Cause I'm spitting and flipping, and ripping, killing that shit
And then I'm wittingly fitting, and getting pussies to quit
They're admitting to sitting and bitching, can't even spit
I'm committing to hitting, and now I'm pitting my whit
Your girl is sipping and stripping, and dripping begging for tips
I was shipping then twitching, then switching, dropping these hits
I was itching from ditching, they hitching rides on my ship
No committing, no splitting, I'm pitching, fuck off, you bitch

Close your eyes, what do you see God?
My people be going through up and downs like a seesaw
Meanwhile, I be doing this since a knee-high
When I write gospel, just like the truth in the book of Levi
My criticism instructions, be lingerin' up in these mobs
The system here to fuck us, I'm tinkerin' with the design
These niggas Uncle Ruckus, they want us to think they deep, nah
My people fight for justice, before we put up the peace sign
No justice, no peace, let it rain on my enemies
Imagine what a pain, be a stain on your memory
Tryna keep up, but you ain't got the energy
My flow is too sick bitch, you ain't got the remedy
Nah, little boy used to wakin' up with the bed wet
Retire, your career has expired, you need some bed rest
Culture vultures pick at our flesh, and we ain't dead yet
Avoid him like the plague, wearin' the mask of the Red Death

Lupe, what they say?

Yeah madness in desire, like a world on fire
Put a soul on ice, like a North Pole night
I let it go once, but now I hold on tight
They thought that I was gone, but I came back twice
Rain catch drink that, came back to life
Lost that, fall back, came back with light
And even though it's changed, it still feel is the same me
The feeling of a bad back on a Bane Knee
And that's the pain, that you paint 'til you can't see
But that's the burden, that you bare 'til you can't be
And that's the price, that you pay 'til it ain't free
And put the evil in the prison where it can't leave
They mad at us, 'cause we ain't cared when they laughed at us
We laughed, we ain't scared that they mad at us
They want to wonderland white rabbit, lab rat us
But we ready for Armageddon in the math-afters
If you like me then you read it to the last chapters
Then all over again from the past backwards
And you humble 'cause you have answers
But your spirit like a Black Panther's
You know the world is a mad campus
But it's a brighter side if you have lanterns
You know it sick, and they can't stand us
But we got the remedies for they cancers

Writers: TALIB KWELI GREENE , Wasalu Muhammad Jaco , Matthew Crowder

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