Salomon faye - Kundalini
Overige artiesten: Hodgy

Uh, nothing to spit about
This life is in and out of meaning
Not looking for nothing
Only see it how we see it
Living words
Television, air bending the definition of quality living
Shape shifting, better plains of existence
Enter this dimension by the words of the sentence
Willpowered by real power
Creation be the sorcerer
Alchemist, hidden in the shadows of the orchestra
Struck by the extension of I as creator
Slayer and saviour
Leader and player
Player hater, how you unworthy of the presence
Infold or bow to the essence
Bend to the blessings or die by the weapons of creation
Visions by the seekers of the nation
Spit this vibration
Spread him through the depths of the darkness
The nucleus of all that evolves
Warriors, for the war we win
All the way to the way of the wind
The illusion is in

It is he that holds the key to places heaven and hell
When all hell breaks loose, the heavens prevail
Water signs and stars aligning, I just sat in a cell
40 acres and a donkey, I'm a pin on the tail
You done followed me and my mind but who are you in the shadows?
Speaking shallow, hallow's prepping evil plans in the gallows
Centred in the desert lies an oasis and swims a tadpole
Oh now you're creeping out the backdoor, devil use an asshole
You've casted me away from my temple, plain and simple
Popping quizzes worse than pimples, far from gentle
I'm a man, I'm a sinner
Oh Lord forgive me, forgive us
This world is fading, it's crippled
Draw up the contract in the stipulation
When it's storms, I'm receiving precipitation
I'm told my name's linked to foul litigations and hatred
I'm the hierophant, holy sacred
Last release your least favourite
My ancestors stare inside of me for rivalry, the native
A pope, they label me the only hope
What happens when a demon meets the one and only G.O.A.T

It's an exorcism, cut demons off me like a circumcision
Exorcism, cut demons off me like a circumcision
Exorcism, cut demons off me like a circumcision
Exorcism, cut demons off me like a circumcision

Writers: Gerard Damien Long

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