Mick jenkins - Love, robert horry

Love is free
Love is free

Photos of my life through these allegories
Shots from the corner like I'm Robert Horry
Or and legal bitch need a bigger name
Or that nigga from City of God, I forget his name
Be too worried how the picture fit the frame sometimes
Celebrating before you even win the game, what's the basis?
Zero stepping, switching lanes, it's so easy to forget about the basics
How we pace it on the daily
But that sure is crazy
But that sure is grapes
That sun dried as raisins
In the sun, my eyes is watching God
No need for hesitation
Always moving with conviction even if they gon' convict me
Yeah, they hit me with the senses all that did was teach me patience
All I did start (?) truths and start the waters
And I wrote every single word like a court reporter's attention to detail
I can see the bullshit in all of the retails
Till I copped the Yeezys though, I bought them hoes resale
Grabbed all the clothes that I could like (?)
Yeah we fly, throw a piece sign, I mean well
The cream rise, I need the wheat high
We fell from the sky onto these waves
They see shore with sea shells
Most don't see straight at all
But money on the way like a mail-in rebate
The mall ain't never been the place
The ball is (?)
The ours (?)

I found peace in the heart of the storm
I had to get released until the demons is gone
Always kept to myself, never fit in with the norm
All I had was the pain, he tried to give me the calm
All I had was the darkness still he gave me (?)
I was twelve wtith no parents then he gave me my mom
Twenty-two, no direction then he gave me the job
Then I linked with the Nation and they helped me move on
Now I'm staring directly at the sun till my eyes go blind
Nigga never understand, the purpose is so divine
I'm way too far out, you can never change my mind
It's an (?) the thoughts are too inclined
Pictures too intense, make you have to press rewind
'Cause everything's microwaved and they don't ever take the time
Free give you what you need, spirit, body, and mind
If keeping it real is wrong then I be committing crimes
Every line hit like a projectile from the nine
Take a piece out your melon, put a tingle down your spine
It's how you know it's the truth
The feeling can't be defined
My nigga it's Free Nation, we water turned into wine

Give you photos of my life through these allegories
Lotta niggas talk like they ain't got a story
We out here taking shots on the corner like a young Robert Horry
I don't even hear the comments for me
If you get the picture you can (?)

Love is free
Love is free
Love is free
(Love? Love is loving someone)
(I don't know what love is)

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