The game - Lights go out

Walkin' out the pen with my pen, live a life of sin
Tell the devil throw me a shovel and let's get it in
2015 MC Ren, this ain't a movie
Pull my khaki suit back out the closet and burn this Louie
Tell Young Thug come out the closet, the fuck you foolin'?
Where my Crips, my Bloods, my eses? Let's make some music
That the gangsters can dance to
Throw up your hands too
The indians is back, we want our motherfuckin' land too
The black Slim Shady is back with some M80s
In the back of the Mercedes
About to blow this motherfucker like a meth lab
Smokin' on that same bomb chronic Dre and Meth had
You know I got the best bag
Now watch me teach the world how to roll a blunt for the last time
Welcome to Cali where smoking's our favorite past time
And if a nigga need a gun he can have mine
And everything inside

'Cause when the lights go out
'Cause when the lights go out
'Cause when the lights go out

You see bitches on all fours
Switches on all cars
Got used to drivin' them Bentley's
I guess I got off course
Got used to fuckin' them bitches
Used to 'em rollin' my blunts
In the studio with Doc, ain't see them hoes in months
I've been shacked up on LSU
Goin' crazy on LSD in a straight jacket, don't mess with me
Till I finish this album
Now I step inside the party with Hennessy and Bacardi
Pour a ziplock of mollies out (and a bowl of percs)
'Cause I'm a lunatic
Disturb the peace like Ludacris
Me and Dre bump heads cause he give me advice
I never listen to that shit
He said don't put out mixtapes and I did that
He said leave his car parked right there
I stripped that, drove that
In the Lambo, blunts rolled fat
Pull up to the club like where the hoes at
Take a ho and fuck her, then ask a bitch where your clothes at
The door right there
I don't need you bitches, see the iPhone?
There's some more right there
Here's a glass for your tears, let 'em all right there
Compton, I was born right there
Park the red Lambo right there
Signed to the 'Math right there
25 mil, more nightmares
Now I'm fuckin' everybody, bitch
You think you got her on lock but you don't

'Cause when the lights go out
'Cause when the lights go out
'Cause when the lights go out


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