Qualité Motel - Le Qualité Motel
Overige artiesten: Béni BBQ

Wow you guys are really something! Whats the name of your band again?

Ohh my my my la beat est belle
Let's go le gros yo Qualité Motel

Béni bbq with a story to tell
Once upon a rhyme QM

The party was on fire so I grab my cell
I called 911 QM

These beats are sick I said you best get well
This should do the trick QM

Old spice is nice but you prefer Chanel
Yo the price is right QM

Sticky icky icky n it burns so well
Oh what's that smell? QM

Ho ho ho ho yo its Le Père Noël!
What do you want for Christmas? QM

To sum it up - put it in a nut shell
I'd have to say QM

She says "Enchantée je m'appelle Chantelle".
Voulez-vous danser le QM?"

Beats and raps fatter than Adele
Girls that's a fact QM

Get mad play like the NHL
He shoots he scores QM

Body check ya baby!

Party people party personnel
It's time to grind QM

This song needs more cow bell
Will Ferrell QM?

Ding dong - there goes the door bell
Have you found Jesus or QM

Some rock n some rock well
Make some noise for my boys QM

Body check ya baby!
Make some noise for my boys

It keeps on going and going like a Duracell
Nothing lasts longer QM

What's that baby, you'd like to watch a little romantic comedy
Sorry not tonight - Qualité Motel

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