Middle brother - Someday

I couldn't sing about love when it's not
I must be crazy cause I know you've got
Other people in the world than me
And none of them with a history

How could I say that I love you when I don't
How could I say I'll stay cause I won't
I never said I had a head on my shoulders
I'll just say that I'll love you when were older

Someday, someday
That day will never be

I held your hand and said a long time coming
A week later you just saw me running
A don't know what it is about me
I got a problem with intimacy

You'd like to think that I kissed you for this song
If your right I'll still tell you that your wrong
You never said that I did you any harm
I would love to have you girl on my arm

Someday, someday
That day will never be

You like think there's a match for you
It's probably not me and I think you knew
I'd love to give every part of my best
Maybe someday I'll just give you the rest

Someday, someday
That day will never be


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